The Anointing in Russia


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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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November 2007
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The Anointing in Russia

By Richard Shakarian

This weekend I was privileged to be a special guest in Atlanta, GA, with our dear friend Slavick Radchuk and 60 Bishops representing 50,000 churches in 20 nations from the old Soviet Union.

I was humbled to be in the presence of men and women who have suffered for the cause of Christ. Some had been put into prison. However, all remained true.

If you had been with me, I’m sure it would have been as hard for you as it was for me not to shed a tear as you heard the incredible stories of faith.

It is truly an act of God to build the kingdom of God, reaching thousands of people, and stretching to 50,000 churches under persecution.

The bishops were so kind to me.

Almost every one of the 1,500 participants had read “The Happiest People on Earth” in Russian. They could relate to the story of my family and the persecution of the Armenian people.

The bishops treated your International President with great honor.
They even asked me to speak at the two major events.
I am most excited because they have all offered to help us reach the business people in the 20 nations of the former Soviet Union.

My friend, Slavick Radchuk, is one of the most unusual and anointed servants of God.  He has personally started more than 500 churches. He is looked up to by all the bishops and pastors of Russia.  At the age of 12, in school, he was singled out by the teacher and called an American spy.  He received the persecution of the other children, and later in life was jailed for preaching the Gospel. He brings an anointing for dedication that I have seldom seen, and we will be using him in our events.

May the Lord continue His grace upon all our nations. May the Lord give us His anointing and the liberty to freely proclaim the testimony of broken chains by our Lord Jesus Christ.

By Richard Shakarian

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