Do You Want To Be Used By God?


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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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March 2008
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Do You Want To Be Used By God?

By Richard Shakarian

Jesus told Nicodemus,
“Humans can reproduce only human life,
but the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life.”
John 3:6 NLT

Have you ever wanted to be all that God wants you to be?

Ulf Ekman prophesied to the Fellowship, “I have called you an army, and an army you shall be!”

He then went on to say, “It’s more than methods; it’s a distinct impartation of things, I WANT TO GIVE TO THE BODY OF CHRIST through this ministry, and you’ll know what it is.  In the time of need, the keys will be there and the strength will come forth and the task will be fulfilled in Jesus’ name.”

Gently the Holy Spirit is whispering to many, “Come and be led by the Holy Spirit. Come up higher, beyond salvation, beyond the initial filling of the Holy Spirit, beyond refillings to birth pangs. The groaning of the Spirit over the vast harvest in the earth.”

Like David my soul cries out, “I shall be anointed with fresh oil.”

Take the step of faith from carnality to being led by the Spirit.

Liberty is for you. As you take the steps of faith out of the bondage of Egypt. Believe as the Israelites did that God will bring you out of your present condition loaded with silver and gold and not a sick person in your family.

  • Receive this distinct impartation
  • How to be used of God
  • How to heal the sick
  • How to walk in victory
  • How to have peace in your marriage
  • How to bring someone together with God

God told Moses, “There is a lamb, and there is the saving of one person (the firstborn) for every family in the nation of Israel – and of Egypt if they will only believe!” The act of belief saved Israel and unbelief condemned Egypt.

When I started the Fire Teams I didn’t realize that these words had been given to Moses.  Among the seven prophecies that he gave to me was the command to pray for one person in every family.  “That person will become God’s seed in the family.  And through the families the nation shall be saved.”

God will give you the seed.  He will give you the favor. He will direct your steps to health, strength, peace, and financial blessing

By Richard Shakarian

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