Globally ~ His Banner Over Us Is Love!


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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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June 2008
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Globally ~ His Banner Over Us Is Love!

By Richard Shakarian

His Banner Over Us Is Love!
Love… is the 11th Commandment given by Jesus Christ.
Love is the motivating force that brings “a better life in Christ.”
It was divine love that gave Demos Shakarian the Vision, showing the love of Christ breaking the chains of bondage from millions of people.

Our Fellowship is built on: love ~ restoration ~ forgiveness ~ respect and unity. Love and unity extend beyond all borders, beyond language, beyond customs, beyond religion ~ in Christ’s love we are one.

Within FGBMFI we have many styles of meetings. Our uniqueness is that each of our meetings features the personal testimony of a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. From the early days of our founder it has been our style of meeting and the most effective way of reaching people for Christ in the marketplace. At last year’s World Convention our worldwide delegates voted that we, as a Fellowship, accept every style of meeting that features the personal testimony.

God knows we are not all the same. That is why we have different types of outreaches. Yes, He made us quite different from each other.

The Holy Spirit gives each of us special gifts and talents in accordance with God’s will.  Together, we are His body of Christ. Each of us is given unique talents.  The talents of our hand are different than the talents of our foot or ear.  Yes, all the differences in the body parts are important to the whole body.

Regardless of differences, we have learned to forgive and respect, and the greatest of all is love.

We are to love one another as Christ has loved us.  He loves us even though we have faults and are not perfect.  He loves us even when we stray and do not always follow Him.  His will is to love, respect, and accept each other in exactly the same way.

As a member of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, you are a person of destiny…without boundaries.  Through the humble gifts of helps (Demos’ gift), and encouragement (Richards’ gift), millions of people have been uplifted and are now completely changed.  By the power of the Holy Spirit, we are seeing even nations change.

We are of all races, many languages, men of high and low stature.  Some of our members are Presidents of their nations.  One member serves on the World Court.  There are Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, Senators, Congressmen, as well as, businessmen, factory workers, professionals and young men just getting started in life.  We have no single church or denomination; rather we are of almost every denomination.

  • We believe, that God is the Creator of mankind, and He is our Heavenly Father.
  • We believe, that through His Son Jesus Christ we have salvation.
  • We believe, that the Precious Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of men and women today.

It is our destiny to lift Christ in every business and government center in every market place, and university.  To tell our story in every nation, every city, every town and every crossroads of the world.

We are Men and Women of faith reaching out, helping, encouraging and lifting.

Today, through these efforts, we believe over 2 million people receive Christ each year.

You are part of the wonderful army of the Lord.

Because of… Love

By Richard Shakarian

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