The Three Callings of FGBMFI


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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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June 2010
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The Three Callings of FGBMFI

In 1953 a dairyman from California stood up and declared, “I am calling men back to God!” That was Demos Shakarian and the beginning of the History of FGBMFI.

Richard Shakarian, the son of Brother Demos and current International President of FGBMFI says that was “Phase One.”

It was Richard who saw the vision to move us into Phase Two, “The Charismatic Renewal” and the integration of many Catholic Men, who are likewise filled with the spirit by evidence of speaking in tongues. Now FGBMFI is moving into Phase Three, “Waking Up The Sleeping Giant!”

Read the article below about Richard Shakarian is leading FGBMFI into the future with “millions … and millions … and millions … on every continent!” Men, and women, all over the world waking up! “FGBMFI is awakening the Sleeping Giant and helping believers become front-line Warriors in the Spiritual Battle.”

As Bro. Shakarian says, “The future of FGBMFI is greater than anything that has ever come before.”


Richard Shakarian
International President

2 comments to The Three Callings of FGBMFI

  • Earl Glenn Kramar

    Hello from Georgia! Trust you and Vangie are basking in the blessings of the Lord! Long time sincere have chatted!

    • Lan

      Messages for Richard and Vangie should be directed via the link to the International FGBMFI Website. Messages left here are not assured of delivery to them.

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