Ireland FGBMFI National Convention 17-19 Nov 2011


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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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Ireland FGBMFI Convention 17-19 Nov 2011

33rd All Ireland Convention 17-19 Nov 2011 – Limerick

Welcome to the National Convention in Limerick

The last few Months back the Irish Nation welcomed Her Majesty, the Queen of England to our little Island. Almost on her heels we also welcomed the most powerful man in the world, the President of The United States.

On behalf of the men of the Limerick Chapter we will be welcoming the King of King’s and The Lord of Lords to be our Special and Chief Guest at our 33rd All Ireland Convention in Limerick City.

Of course we will be welcoming you too! It is our heart’s desire that you will be able to join with us to personally meet our very, very Special Guest.

We are expecting that all who come will meet Him personally, so please come and join with us, and don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet The King of Kings

Sean Touhey
President of the Limerick Chapter



Patrick Hoban

Patrick Hoban was born in Waterford; at the age of 19 he had a dramatic encounter with Jesus. He is the Pastor and founder member; along with his wife Tami, of the Church in the World, Illinois, USA. He teaches and believes that the Baptism in The Holy Spirit is for all Christians. The church began in 2000 using borrowed premises today an average of 500 meet regularly. He has ministered to countless thousands around the world.

Donald Buchanan

Donald Buchanan is a colorful and humorous character who speaks from his heart in a loving and kind way, yet without compromise. Business difficulties and mounting debts with a life of no hope for a future brought him to a place of faith in God.

He is a highly respected Hebriedian Evangelist whose ministry has became International.

Joe Dalton

Joe Dalton is a well known and highly respected speaker who has traveled extensively in the preaching of God’s Word. Almost 30 years ago he give up his steady pensionable job in the Civil Service and a very successful singing career when God called him.

The Lord has gifted him with a powerful healing ministry.

David Bailey

David Bailey is a retired Presbyterian Minister; after receiving the Baptism in The Holy Spirit he has seen amazing results taking place. He had a close working relationship with a Charismatic move which was held within the Presbyterian church, and has conducted many “Life in the Spirit” Seminars all over Ireland.

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