Belgium FGBMFI National Convention 18-20 Nov 2011


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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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Belgium FGBMFI Convention 18-20 Nov 2011

FGBMFI National Convention Belgium 2011
18-19-20 November 2011
‘Duinse Polders’ Blankenberge

Guestspeakers: Rolland Baker, Corey Russell, Bruce Allen
Praise & Worship: Rejoice, Pablo Perez




Convention – Guestspeakers 2011

Rolland Baker

Along with his wife Heidi, arrived in Mozambique in 1995, and began to pour out their hearts to 80 children. Amazing miracles began to take place along with great resistance, both from government and from adverse weather conditions. Today, Iris Ministries oversees 7 different bases, five in Mozambique, one in South Africa and one in Malawi. They are just in a process of opening  a base in Chennai, South India as well. This ministry, has literally exploded in Mozambique, where on average over 1000 children are fed every day. Since that time, Heidi and her apostolic outreach teams have regularly seen about 1000 people saved every week, countless healings and miracles, and hundreds of churches planted in the area. At the teams must travel to very remote areas by plane, where an advance ground team needs to chop down trees to prepare a landing strip.

In total, since the disastrous floods of 2000 and Heidis encounter with God at the Toronto Airport Fellowship, Iris ministries has planted about 10.000 churches in about six years in Mozambique and other countries of South East Africa and the world. Iris Ministries now has churches in over 46 countries of the world and bases in nine countries with church planting teams and childrens homes. Recently Rolland experienced a supernatural healing that literally brought him from the edge of death to healed!

Corey and Dana Russell

Corey has been on the senior leadership team of the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) for the last 10 years. He currently serves as director of the Forerunner Program, which includes the first two years of IHOP University, as well as the Apostolic Prayer and Preaching Program at IHOPU, discipling and training young preachers and leaders. He travels nationally and internationally preaching/teaching on themes of knowledge of God, intercession and the urgency of the hour.

He resides in Kansas City with his wife Dana and their three daughters, Trinity, Mya and Hadassah. Dana Russell has served as a worship leader and prophetic singer at the International House of Prayer for the last 9 years. She travels frequently with Corey leading worship and training prophetic singers.
Jesus made it clear that “As the Days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.” (Matthew 24:37) He told us that in the same way God raised up a preacher to warn the earth for 100 years of a flood that would cover the earth by the building of an ark, so God would raise up a prophetic generation that would prophesy of an outpouring of the Spirit over all the globe and the return of Jesus Christ to the planet.

This is the generation that we believe will witness the greatest revival that the earth has ever witnessed and will also witness the rage of Satan, the sin of man, and the judgments of God. This will all culminate in the literal return of Jesus Christ and His establishment of His kingdom on the earth.

God is raising up and training an army to stand in these days that will come forth with power, authority, and intimacy with God. They will come from every tribe, tongue, and people to call the church and the earth to the knowledge of God. These people will know their God, they will be strong and they do will do great exploits. They will be a people of understanding that feed people on the knowledge and understanding of God Himself. They will feed people on what God is like, how God feels, what we look like to him, and what He is doing in this generation.

Its with this conviction that my family and I have given our life to prepare ourselves and as many as the Lord will allow us to prepare for this glorious hour of human history. Jesus continued in Matthew 24 by stating that the ark or place of safety for our generation is call to growing and increasing in the spirit of revelation and the spirit of prayer. He commanded us to Watch and Pray! He commanded us to cultivate a watchful heart by the Spirit of Revelation and a faith-filled heart by the Spirit of Prayer.

Bruce and Reshma Allen

Still Waters International Ministries is an end-time apostolic ministry. Bruce and Reshma travel throughout the world ministering the love of Jesus in the character of Christ. Unusual signs and wonders accompany the preaching of the Word. Bruce operates in a remarkable anointing for breakthrough into the glory realm with creative miracles touching the lives of many. A fresh and timely word can be expected as Bruce ministers.

Our passion and focus in this hour is to Prepare the Way of the Lord by training, equipping and activating the Body  of Christ for the work of the ministry.  We believe this is the hour for the Church to walk in the fullness of their inheritance in Christ. With this in mind, we envision Still Waters International Ministries and its Alliance of Ministries establishing training centers throughout the nations as well as speaking in conferences, churches and bible colleges.

Dr Bruce Allen is a man who desires to see the whole body of Christ radically transformed, moving and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is gifted in the prophetic teaching ministry and used of the Lord throughout the nations, equipping the Third Day Church and preparing Gods people to move in miracles, signs and wonders.

Bruces mandate from the Lord in this hour is to Prepare the way of the Lord by imparting, activating and releasing the Body of Christ into their God given calling. Many unusual signs, wonders and miracles follow his ministry.
He helped pioneer Storehouse Celebration Church in Seattle, WA, Real Life Christian Center in Temecula, CA, and was the administrator of Storehouse School of Ministry in the Seattle area.

Bruce is the author of “Promise Of The Third Day” that depicts the changing of the Church into His glorious Church and spotless Bride.He has also written a number of training manuals which are being used in many nations to help equip the Church and release them into the fullness of their God given calling.

Reshma Allen comes from the island nation of Fiji. From an early age she has had dreams regarding the Church of the last days. She is used of the Lord often in miracles of healing and has a strong word for the youth and the women of the nations regarding their destiny in this hour. The purity of spirit by which she ministers the word affects the lives of many around the world. Reshma has a strong mandate from the Lord to activate Christians into greater dimensions in the Kingdom of God and to take hold of their inheritance in Christ.



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