Email: Adding FGBMFI Page Links and Vision!


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Email: Adding FGBMFI Page Links and Vision!

Just recently I received an email asking me to post a link to the Australian FGBMFI National Chapter Website from Brother David Walters.  Here is the email and how you can get links to your FGBMFI website or how we will help you build a site from the ground up…


On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 3:59 AM, David <david.walters<snip>> wrote:
David (david.walters<snip>)

TO: Bro. Lan, Please Pray For…
Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 3:59 pm [EST]

here’s a link for your site


As I wrote, I decided to share with Brother David about some of the Vision we have at FGBMFI.Net Working!

I soon realized that I should post this on the blog as well!  So below is my answer to Brother David.


Thank You my Brother David!

Greetings in the Name of the Lord from Cebu, Philippines!

NOTE: The information below about Australia and the domain actually applies to ANY NATIONAL OFFICE with their respective country code!

If you look at the top of the FGBMFI.Net site you will see a pull-down menu that says Links, just place your mouse over it, it is a pull down menu.

On that menu you will see a link that says “FGBMFI NATIONAL” (or just click Here!).

This is a list of ALL Internet Country Codes – All the Nations of the Earth!

This site is set up to provide every national office on the planet a link to their website.  If they have no website, we will make them one, for a beginning – With at least contact information.

These sites have a format of “<country code> dot” so if you know the country code of any country on earth – you can find their national office website.

AU as Example

For example, Australia has a country code of AU.  Therefore, or will bring you to the national office site of Australia.  If you try this you will notice that the information actually comes from – the link you suggested.

This method actually increases the SERP Rank (Search Engine Results Page Rank) for for someone searching for Australia FGBMFI or FGBMFI Australia.  Our goal is to get people, searching for a National office, to get them to that office.


Although not announced yet, you will notice that has a frame at the bottom linking back to FGBMFI.Net as well as to two other FGBMFI sites under development.

One of theses is for articles about FGBMFI coaching FGBMFI.Co (Mentoring the next generation of FGBMFI!) – Perhaps you would like to contribute articles to this!


The other site is a future FGBMFI Business Website.  This is where FGBMFI men can purchase a permanent domain name  in the FGBMFI.Biz domain space (the cost is a lifetime/one time membership of US$250).  For example  ~  This would help us finance this program, and would give you a permanent address on the Internet proclaiming your faith in the Lord and that you operate your business in methods according to the scripture as a member of FGBMFI.

The future FGBMFI.Biz directory will give priority to the businesses who have a domain in the FGBMFI.Biz domain space, and a published One13 Message.

One13 Message

The One13 Message (Usually pronounced a “One-Thirteen Message”, but sometime called a “One-One-Three Message!”) is a  Five minute personal salvation message.  One-1-3 = One minute (or less) of your life before the Lord, One minute (or less) how you received the Lord, and Three minutes (or more, but not more than 5 minutes total) of what God is doing in your life after receiving the Lord!)

These messages will be published at with guidelines on how to write an effective One13 Message.  The One13 Website will be open to anyone (male of female) with a One13 Message.

Future News!

Our advanced Internet Team is now working with National Chapters to directly link to them.  In other words, when a person goes to they would automatically end up at without the bottom links frame.  We have options for this that we will gladly work with the National office of each Nation.

The requirements for any option below is that your National Chapter’s website to link to:

  • www.FGBMFI.Org
  • www.FGBMFI.Net
  • www.FGBMFI.Biz
  • www.FGBMFI.Co

Option One ~ Conversion to

A number of National offices have asked about converting their website to the domain space.  In other words, they would still be under complete control of all content of their website.  The domain name would change to the name space.  This is now the default for all new websites we are building.


  1. This would make finding the national office very easy.  (Add any country code before, ex:
  2. There is a domain cost for a separate domain name – this option eliminates that cost.
  3. A number of websites have forgotten to pay their yearly domain name fees and have lost their domain names forever to advertising companies.  (Many advertisers with ideals different from FGBMFI.) With no yearly fee to be paid, this totally eliminates any loss.
  4. This domain name can be used in the same way as any other domain name in the world.  This includes email, websites, forums and blogs.
  5. This is directly links to your website – no bottom frame.
  6. This option is also available for nations with no National Chapter Website.  In such case we will even provide a starter web kit that can be later expanded.


  1. would be converted to / (both will work). would then be forwarded to
  2. would be available for email address to the National Office.
    For example pres @ or bill.sgro @
  3. Regional subdomain blogs could be set up (even for free!) for example: – as well as email like  bernel.gray @

Option Two ~ Adding an FGBMFI.Net domain.

In this case we would forward / add the / (both will work) domains to the to the domain.  It can also be set up to permanently forward the domain to


  1. This would make finding the national office very easy.  (Add any country code before, ex:
  2. This domain name can be used in the same way as any other domain name in the world.  This includes email, websites, forums and blogs.
  3. This option is also available for nations with no National Chapter Website.  In such case we will even provide a starter web kit that can be later expanded.
  4. This directly links to your website – no bottom frame.


  • See Option One Example: (above)

Option Three ~ FGBMFI National Start Site

For this Example I will assume that FGBMFI National Chapter of The Democratic Republic of the Congo would like to set up a website so people can find them.

We will provide them with all the tools and help to do this.  Including the following.

  1. The / domain name.
  2. A basic website hosting with a max of 8 pages.  (We start with 2 pages, one for an introduction and one for contact.  This does not sound like a lot, but keep in mind that currently MOST FGBMFI National Chapters have NO website of their own.)
  3. Technical help to set up a spam free online email form.
  4. Help to set up a National FGBMFI Blog Site.
  5. Help to set up a Gmail Style email server for <anything> @ email accounts for the national officers. (These can be forwarded to any other email account, and can be set up by either name, or by office title.)

Option Three has actually been merged into Option One – See Option One.


  • See Option One Example: (above)

Option Four ~ FGBMFI Chapter Sites ~ NEW!

Options One, Two and Three are also available for FGBMFI Chapters.

This is NEW and we are looking for chapters to work with us in establishing and defining this new option.

In addition to the four links above, we ask chapters to also make a one time contribution to the FGBMFI.Net Working perpetuity we are beginning to establish.

Currently FGBMFI Networking is funded by one man.  His vision passed to him by the late Demos Shakarian.  The FGBMFI.Net Working perpetuity is an investment designed to provide a secure One USA dollar (US$1) per month per chapter based on a one time donation of US$250 at 5%.

Any FGBMFI Chapter who would like to support this ministry and have a Chapter Site as above, would only need to raise $25 per 10 members.  In some chapters with nearly 100 members the donation may be as little as $3.  We are trying to make this a low cost to allow every FGBMFI Chapter in the World to have an information website about their chapter.

The Domain Name provided with this may be expanded to ANY size – this is so that prosperous chapters may add as many features as they desire to spread the gospel of the Lord.

Chapter Domain Names must end with the two letter country code where the chapter is located.  For example or might be chosen for a Canberra Australia Chapter.  Likewise

ALL chapters in Australia will end with – the beginning part is the decision of the chapter.  All domain names work with and without the www.  All domain names may be use in the same ways as any other domain names, however restricted to the FGBMFI purpose.

Chapters in the USA must also include their state codes.  For example: or (Springfield Missouri, USA) or or (Springfield California, USA).

Option Four is a NEW OPTION and we are still developing it.  We are looking for partners to help us with ideas on how to develop this option from within their Chapters as FGBMFI Web Servants.

Web Servant / FGBMFI.Net Working Advisory Board

We advise each chapter to elect or appoint a Web Servant for your Chapter.  These Web Servants will automatically be a part of the first FGBMFI.Net Working Advisory Board.

These First Web Servants need the following:

  1. A Deep Love for the Lord God. “You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.”  (Luke 10:27)
  2. A One13 Message. “Always be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks you for a reason regarding the hope that is in you… (1 Peter 3:15)
  3. A Prayer Life. “Pray without ceasing.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
  4. The Fruit of the Spirit – in abundance!  “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.”  (Galatians 5:22)
  5. Be a true Web Servant (Matthew 20:26-28)
  6. An Internet Connection.  (Better at home or office, but it can be done using an Internet Café!)
  7. An Email Account / Address.
  8. Basic English (We hope to remove this requirement at a future date).
  9. FGBMFI Membership in Good Standing of the FGBMFI Chapter they represent.
  10. Elected by their FGBMFI Chapter, or Appointed by the President and one other FGBMFI Chapter Officer, of the Chapter they represent.

Things Not Needed.

  • You do not need to be a computer programmer or a web site designer. (We will teach you what little you need!)
  • You do not need to be rich or own a computer. (Some people do this from an Internet Café!)
  • You do not need to be an FGBMFI Chapter President or other Main Chapter Officer. (You represent them on the Internet!)


The FGBMFI Web Servants will be the SEED accounts for the ALL NEW FGBFMI.Net Working Forums. These Forums will be by invitation ONLY.  A Community By and For FGBMFI Members and Ladies of the Fellowship ONLY!

These Invitation Only forums are being created by custom built computer code that will bring glory to the Lord.  Being an invitation only privilege, these FGBMFI Forums will eliminate spam and inappropriate post by not accepting spammers as members.  Members are admonished to exercise the Fruit of the Spirit in their posts and those who abuse the Forums with spam or with ungodly behaviors will be removed from the privilege of posting.


Likewise, the FGBMFI Web Servants will be the ones who will control the coming FGBMFI Chapter Index Pages.  To provide EVERY FGBMFI Chapter in the whole world with a web page just for that chapter!  Every tribe, tongue and nation!

This Index is being designed with the goal of indexing EVERY FGBMFI Chapter in the WORLD with CURRENT information.

CURRENT information is critical to a good index.  This index will be self expiring and self indexing.  So when a chapter list a coming meeting for a date coming next week, or next month, that listing will be automatically unlisted after the date.  Likewise, when a National Chapter list a National Event, like a coming National Convention, it will automatically add a link from all chapter pages.  And add a link on the world events page.

All of this is being designed with an easy to use cut and paste interface so that Web Servants may easily update their chapter information.

On Going Work!

All of this is being developed as of this writing.  Our focus at this time is on the new Invitation Only Forums and the secure login accounts for our WebServants.

Keep Praying for FGBMFI.Net Working!

In the Service of the Lord,

Brother Lan

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