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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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April 2011
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A New Beginning!

FGBMFI.Net Working!

A New Beginning!

Forty years ago, Demos Shekerian, driving his pickup truck, picked up a hitch-hiker, a teenage boy who seemed to have no hope and was looking for drugs. It was Firestone Blvd, midway across the San Gabriel River bridge. That boy was lost and headed straight for Hell. Bro. Demos told him that God needed people like him. He told him about a group of men doing the full gospel business. Bro. Demos told that wasted wretch of a boy that he needed to build an FGBMFI Net … like a fish net or world wide spider web … to catch the souls of men … a network of men for God!

I know this is true because I was the teenage boy heading full speed toward hell. It was early February 1971, just before my 17th birthday.

Note: It seems to me … to be a Divine Appointment that I would meet Bro. Demos on a street called “Fire Stone” that could represent the Fire of the Holy Spirit (Luke 3:16) and Yeshua / Jesus the precious Stone of God (1Pet2:6-8). Likewise that the events started to unfold on the middle of the Bridge (a bridge can represent the single path to God) across the the San Gabriel River, named after the Archangel Gabriel in the 18th century.

A year later, at the brink of suicide, I received the Lord. A few weeks after that, I was inducted into the US Army. A few weeks more and a serious foot injury shifted me from a Vietnam Infantry soldier to a computer tech in Germany. I was so good at computers that I soon was working with people at USC and in the department of defense on the ARPANET project – what turned into the Internet.

I wish I could tell you my life with God was easy and perfect and wonderful after I received Yeshua / Jesus. In fact it was full of ups and downs and some very deep and dark low points – made worse by a disease that makes gluten (found in almost all processed food) effect my brain – into a rage!

When people started calling the Internet the “World Wide Web” or www – I thought of my chance meeting with Bro. Demos. He had told me I needed to build a web… I was building a web – but not a network of men for God! And certainly not an “FGBMFI Net” like Bro. Demos had told me.

Medical conditions had me retire early and I took a short term mission to the Philippines in the 1980’s I saw the Edsa revolution with my own eyes in Feb of 1986, and a year later married a Filipina, I have never been far from the Philippines and the mission field since. To help people in 1997 I began searching for an Internet domain name for a business. I had been an Internet pioneer in the USA, and was becoming one in the Philippines. While searching, I thought of the words of Bro. Demos, that I needed to build an FGBMFI Net. I tested “FGBMFI.Net” and registered it on the spot on 28-Sep-1997. I am the only person who ever registered it. A month later I registered two domains for my business, Fil.Net 30-Oct-1997 and 7t.Net on 31-Oct-1997 – if you know about the internet you will know that three letter domains like fil.net and two letter domains like 7t.net are virtually impossible to register. (Note: This business and these domains are not in use at the time of this writing. I think it is wonderful that the first domain registered was for God’s business!)

Six months later at the Asian FGBMFI convention in Manila, 1998, Bro. Richard Shekerian and Bro. Pat Roberson from the 700 club individually both laid hands on me, and prayed for me to “build a network of men – when the time is right” – neither man knew what the other had prayed, nor what Bro. Demos had told me years before.

For the next five years I tried to do this on my own and FAILED! The time was not right. In 2003 I gave up. But God was not through. The “dot Biz” domains were just coming out and God clearly instructed me to buy the FGBMFI.Biz domain. Biz for Business Men! On Fri Dec 05 01:13:56 GMT 2003 I did just that. But again, nothing seemed to come together. I tried making a forum, but a year long illness leading up to the discovery of Celiac disease just left this unfulfilled. The FGBMFI.Net Forum, left unattended, was over run with spam postings for all manner of evil – I finally just took it down and gave up…

However, when I gave up, then God started to move! GOD – not Bro. Lan!

He first showed me in the scriptures how to heal my illnesses (many) by obeying HIM! God has a plan for eating and the Lord guided me to obey! “To obey is better than sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22) came to me. It was better to obey God in Genesis 1:29-30 than to sacrifice and be sick and always in the hospital and buying medicines!

My lifelong best friend (and FGBMFI member) was transformed from life unto life on January 19, 2011. Just a day after his 60th birthday. I really felt the loss. I knew Chito was doing great with the Lord, but I greatly missed him in my life. I spent more time in prayer. I found myself thinking about Chito, how he saw me in a restaurant window in Cebu and invited me to my first FGBMFI meeting in Cebu. How personal invitation is what really changes lives. We must invite Yeshua / Jesus to be our Lord. It is buy invitation (of the Holy Spirit) that each chapter grows.

It suddenly hit me… “FGBMFI.Net Working!” The true “FGBMFI Net” meaning Bro. Demos spoke about was a network of invitations to follow the Messiah. The new FGBMFI Forum should not be an open “free for all” forum that allows spammers free access to post advertisements for V*i*_*g*r*a and p*_*r*n. It should be a forum of FGBMFI men and the Ladies of the Fellowship, posting what “Makes God Famous!” (What brings glory to God!) It should be easy for anyone to read, but posting by invitation of FGBMFI members only! Each FGBMFI.Net Working! member could “invite” a new person to join!

Since then I have been working on writing computer code for this kind of forum – a forum type that is brand new and I have never even seen before (even with 40 years of experience!). Pray for this! It is not easy to write this for 4,000,000 members (including the ladies of the fellowship) in 7,000 chapters, in 160 countries.

I started writing down notes what the Lord was showing to me in a vision… Like an Internet website for EVERY Nation on Earth. A informative database and web page for EVERY CHAPTER – written by each chapter on easy to use forms – something easy like online email or facebook! The vision God was giving to me was HUGE!!!

I thought of Bro. Demos Vision in the Happiest People on Earth – EVERY TRIBE TONGUE AND NATION! I thought about my work with home fellowships (house churches in China and the Philippines) and alternate ministries in the Muslim communities – bringing Muslims to saving faith and fellowship in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah! Inviting men one at a time, everywhere!

This Vision was too much, I cried… really sobbed. It was more than I could do. God reminded me of Voice Magazine. How God used ONE MAN with the knowledge of how to do this. Like a modern day Nehemiah I had the plan, God’s design. Instead of “bricks and mortar” it would be “clicks and borders!”

Here am I Lord – Send Me!

When Bro. Chito died, I lost my Mentor – my “Coach!” For the next few weeks I could hardly eat – I though of Daniel, no choice food. It was all anyone could do to coax me to eat a little fruit. God was showing me that FGBMFI Men need to Coach or Mentor the next generation of FGBMFI’ers! At that time God spoke to me clearly and told me to see if I could register FGBMFI.Co in the new International “dot CO” top domain. Sun Feb 06 08:21:54 GMT 2011 it was registered, early February, 2011, Exactly Forty Years after Bro. Demos had told me about an FGBMFI Network.

God brought FGBMFI.Net, FGBMFI.Biz and FGBMFI.Co to me with supernatural timing … For Such a Time as This!

“And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” (Est 4:14b NIV)

Now is the time to build the everlasting FGBMFI.Net Working!

With Web Servants in every tribe, tongue, nation and FGBMFI Chapter on Earth!

It is not about making the Vision Come True. God is the only one that can or will do that in HIS time. My goal today is just to work out the invitation only FGBMFI.Net Working! Forum and to build an information and contact website for each National Office.

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