Prayer for Brother in Nigeria to relocate to Kazakhstan


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Prayer for Brother in Nigeria to relocate to Kazakhstan

Dear FGBMFI Brothers…

We have had a back and forth email from Bro. Alozie in Nigeria who feels God is calling him to serve the Lord in Kazakistan.  Let us pray that God will take hold of Bro. Alozie and open doors for him to do great things in the name of the Lord and for the Glory of God in Kazakistan!


=====From Bro. Lan

Hello Bro Alozie,

Because of my accident and broken arm I was not able to register my niece in school.  Her aunt went there with her but was told it was too late. They have strict rules and she will have to wait a year.  Yesterday, I prayed about what to do to help Ev for one year until she can go to school.  But God answered me and told me to go to the school and ask them to enroll Ev.  Remember they already asked and were told NO!

Even though it pains me, I decide to follow God.  After all. I was in front of the school on the day of registration.  On the way out the door I hear God say, “bring the x-ray!”  My Honeybun object but I bring it anyway, because God says it.  They say “I’m sorry” but if I want I can ask the dean of admissions.  So I wait.  They can see my blood scabbed leg, and my broken arm in pain, but I still wait.  While I am waiting, I tell the secretary what happen.  Even show the x-ray with the date of registration.

I wait four hours more.  I see other parents turned away because they are late.  The school has very strict rules that are not allowed to be broken.  No exceptions!  In that time the secretary becomes interested in Ev and sees her grades that she is a good student.  Finally, after many hours the secretary decides to give Ev an application and I pay the testing fee.  I am sure Ev will be admitted by the power of God!

Bro. Alozie, this just happen yesterday.  Still waiting the test results on Tuesday, but by faith I know Ev will be admitted.  There is power in prayer. Power in the name of Yeshua! (Jesus!)

God has put you at the FGBMFI chapter in Nigeria to teach them to pray.  Last night I watch a good movie called “Faith Like Potatoes!” It is a true story about a farmer that learns what faith is and teaches South Africa.  He says that Faith is like a potato, it is something you can feel and hold on to.  But you can’t see it growing in the ground – you must BELIEVE it!

If you believe God is sending you to Kazakistan, then have faith like a potato!  Stop saying you “want” to go there and start saying Yeshua (Jesus) is sending you to Kazakistan by faith for the glory of God!  Don’t say you “want to go”… We in the Philippines will believe with you!  What you believe we will believe with you.  Here is a challenge.  the very next three friends you meet, tell them, “Yeshua the Messiah is sending me to Kazakistan to serve him there!”  Just do it and see what happens!  God works miracles!

God is amazing Bro. Alozie!

Trust the Lord,

Bro. Lan

=====From Bro. Alozie

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 10:05 PM, Alozie <snip><<snip>> wrote:
hi bro lan,
thanks for your kind mail and prayers, i will love to hear from you always, ur mail gives me inspiration, may the Almighty God bless u

=====From Bro. Alozie

=====From Bro. Lan

But Peter said, “I don’t have any silver or gold for you. But I’ll give you what I have. In the name of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus the Christ) the Nazarene, get up and walk!” Acts 3:6

Barnes’ (Modified) Notes on the Bible

Silver and gold have I none – The man had asked for money; Peter assures him that he had not that to give; what he did was done, however, in such a way as to show his willingness to aid him if he had possessed money.

Such as I have – Such as is in my power. It is not to be supposed that he meant to say that he originated this power himself, but only that it was entrusted to him. He immediately adds that it was derived solely from the Lord Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus the Christ).

In the name – Compare Acts 4:10. In Mark 16:17-18, it is said, “These signs shall follow them that the sick, and they shall recover.” The expression means “by his authority,” or “in virtue of power derived from him.” We are here struck with a remarkable difference between the manner in which the Lord Yeshua performed miracles and that in which it was done by his apostles. He did it in his own name and by virtue of his own power. The apostles never attempted to perform a miracle by their own power. It was only in the name of Yeshua; and this circumstance alone shows that there was a radical difference between the Messiah and all other prophets and teachers.

Of Nazareth – This was the name by which he was commonly known. By the name he had been designated among the Jews and on the cross. It is by no means improbable that the man had heard of him by this name, and it was important that he should understand that it was by the authority of him who had been crucified as an impostor.

Rise up and walk – To do this would be evidence of signal power. It is remarkable that in cases like this they were commanded to do the thing at once. See similar cases in John 5:8; Matthew 9:6; Matthew 12:13. It would have been easy to allege that they had no power; that they were lame, or sick, or palsied, and could do nothing until God should give them strength. But the command was to do the thing; nor did the Saviour or the apostles stop to convince them that they could do nothing. They did not doubt that if it were done they would ascribe the power to God. Precisely like this is the condition of the sinner. God commands him to do the thing; to repent, and believe, and lead a holy life. It is not merely to attempt to do it, to make use of means, or to wait on him, but it is actually to repent and believe the gospel. Where he may obtain power to do it is another question. It is easy for him to involve himself in difficulty, as it would have been in these cases. But the command of God is positive, and must be obeyed. If not obeyed, people must perish, just as this man would have been always lame if he had put forth no effort of his own. When done, a convicted sinner will do just as this man did, instinctively give all the praise to God, Acts 3:8.

Dear Bro. Alozie,

Above is an example of how God works that I hope will strengthen your faith.  In the original Greek, Peter’s statement is plural, “silver and gold have we none!”  The apostles often had no money, yet they did great things in the name of the Lord Yeshua (the original Hebrew name of the Hebrew Messiah whom some call Jesus.  Look at the great many scriptures and see what they say about the power of the Name of the Son of God!

“Where God Guides, God Provides!”

I have been a “missionary” in 52 countries – I am not rich, people in my country would call me poor.  I traveled as God led.  Some have said that the apostle Paul may have been the most traveled man of his time.  Certainly one of them.  Yet the scriptures also said that Paul made tents (a lowly job) to support himself at times.  I have a saying around here, “Where God Guides, God Provides!”

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Messiah Yeshua.” Philippians 4:19

I KNOW that if God is sending you to azerbijan or kazakistan, and you certainly seem to have the call, that when you need it, God will open and door and provide for this.  Please note that God works When You Need It. I have seen many brothers fail to serve the Lord because they thought God would provide weeks, months or even years in advance!

Ask And It Will Be Given Unto You!

Another gem I have learned in 40 years of serving the Lord is the art of asking.  I have discovered that God always provides through the last person I ask and almost never provides through the first person I ask.  Because you are an FGBMFI Member in Nigeria – I highly suggest that you ask them to pray for this.  If you meet weekly, ask them to lay hands on you and pray for you and pray for this need weekly.  But do not expect them to finance this need.  Instead, expect a miracle!  Where God Guides, God Provides!

We can and will help you, but not with money.  Silver and Gold have we none!  We will help you with our prayers – that God will make your heart right to receive.  I am sure that through our prayers and the prayers of your FGBMFI Chapter Members that God will provide all that is needed to get you to Kazakiztan – the Lord still works miracles!

Helping This Ministry

How wonderful that God has given you talent in singing and praying.  Please pray for me, I had a fall two weeks ago and a hairline fracture was just discovered that is giving me a great amount of pain!  I am also suffering from being sick about 4 years ago and the use of many antibiotics that have reduced my friendly bacteria count in my gut to dangerously low.  I am working with my doctor to try to raise this and we are taking about human probiotic infusion (also called a fecal transplant or fecal bacteriotherapy).  This procedure is experimental world wide and it has Never been performed in the Philippines – yet!  So I could really use your prayers.

Like most ministries, we need financial support.  However, we believe God is providing as we need it.  God speaks to the hearts of his servants to financially support this ministry, and we are grateful for that support.

What we really need is for people like you, with basic Internet skills like email and filling in online forms to send us information for the website.  What is your chapter doing?  Do you have an website for your national chapter office?  The only skill required is the ability to use email and pass information on to us.

My brother Alozie, we will be praying for you that when you finish your university training God will provide you with the means to get there and to help there with a local FGBMFI Chapter!

Bless God and He will bless you,

Bro. Lan Tait

=====From Bro. Alozie

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 8:06 PM, Alozie <snip><<snip>> wrote:
hello Bro lan,
thanks again for your kind reply however my skills are singing or praying.i’m currently in my final year in university, studying buisness admin but i want to go to azerbijan or kazakistan. is there a way you can help me get there?

thanks=====From Bro. Alozie

=====From Bro. Lan

On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 4:07 AM, Lan Tait <snip> wrote:
Greetings Bro. Alozie,

This is currently a labor of love and a ministry to the world on an all volunteer basis.

We have prayed for your relocation to Kazakistan to go smoothly.  When you are there, let us know what your vision is and how you see yourself working for the Lord.  For example what is your skill level.  We do not yet have the online interface for the local chapters and members.  When this is completed we will have many more places one may wish to join in this work.  As of now it is mainly us computer programmers writing code.

Take care,

Bro. Lan

=====From Bro. Alozie

On Sat, Apr 23, 2011 at 6:35 PM, Alozie <snip> <<snip>> wrote:

TO: Bro. Lan, Please Pray For…
Saturday, April 23, 2011, 6:35 am [EST]

hello bro lan,
am a full gospel member here in Nigeria but i want to relocate to kazakistan and work with u, can i need your help.

thanks=====From Bro. Alozie

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