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June 2011
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Fú To You!

福字 ~ 福

The above Chinese Characters are Fú Dao (Fú upside-down) and, Just the Character Fú. Fú To You!!

Discover the hidden Christian meaning in this Chinese Character!

The Mounted Character is a widespread Chinese tradition associated with Chinese New Year that can be seen on the entrances of many Chinese homes worldwide. The characters are generally printed on a square piece of paper or stitched in fabric, and are posted upside-down on the front door of a home. The term 福 means “blessings” or “happiness”, and the practice is traditionally believed to invite prosperity and peace to the dwelling.

Fu Dao ~ Blessings Arrive!

Red paper Fu 福 character, posted upside-down on a wall.

The essentially universal practice of posting the fu character upside-down has several different traditional explanations. The most basic of these is based on a wordplay: in nearly all varieties of Chinese, the words for “upside-down” and “to arrive” are homophonous or nearly homophonous. Therefore, the phrase “Fu upside-down” sounds either identical or nearly identical to the phrase “Fu arrives”. The practice of orienting the character upside-down is thus viewed as a natural wish for prosperity to descend upon a dwelling.

However, for members of FGBMFI may have a deeper meaning.  Consider what Yinghuo Chong says about this humble greeting…

The character “fu” stands for happiness and good fortune, something much desired by the Chinese, not only during Chinese New Year but all year round.

From a Christian perspective, “fu” is also something to be grasped. It links-up with other characters to mean bless (zhu-fu), blessedness (fu-ze), good news and gospel (fu-yin), and evangelism (fu-yin zhu-yi). In the Beatitudes, the character (you-fu-le) appears nine times and means blessed is.

FGBMFI Fu 福 Blessings Arrive!

FGBMFI Fu 福 Blessings Arrive!

Its radical on the left is the God or Spirit radical, and on the right, there is a one or first, a mouth (which represents a person), and a field or garden. God alone with the first man (Adam) in a garden (Eden) is certainly a good way to depict happiness.

In the Book of Revelations, eternal blessing is promised when God Himself will dwell with His people in the new Jerusalem “laid out like a square” (garden). There will be true happiness—no more tears, death, mourning, crying or pain.

The first man was alone with God soon after he was created. And the “last Adam”—Jesus Christ—in His last few hours as Man, was also alone with God in another garden, in Gethsemane. Although this was His most sorrowful moment, Jesus needed time alone with His Father. It prepared Him to die for us and set us free spiritually.

Happiness is found in seeking and being with the Lord, whatever our circumstances may be. In Jeremiah 29, the Lord said: “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.” That is the heart of God: He is our Father; He longs for us to seek Him and to know Him. The best way of doing this is by spending time alone with Him, in our spiritual garden. That is the greatest place of blessedness.

May the New Year bring you this blessing and happiness in your fellowship with the Lord.

And May you have many blessings and much happiness Serving the Lord in FGBMFI!

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