2012 FGBMFI World Convention - Bali, Indonesia


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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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July 2011
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2012 FGBMFI World Convention




24-27 July 2012


Westin Hotel, Nusa Dua

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, is one of the most popular resorts in the world!

International Director’s Meeting

24 July 2012

More Information

Please supply more information, website links, and contact information below… Thank You

Unverified Contact Information

Phone: +62 85711443017

Email: fgbmfi.bintaro.m@gmail.com


We welcome you to beautiful Indonesia for the 2012 World Convention – July 24th-27th.

FGBMFI Indonesia

Greetings from Indonesia!

Indonesia is a beautiful country with thousands of islands, located in Southeast Asia, has a population of approximately 230 million people. Its capital city; Jakarta in Java’s island.

One of the most famous islands in the world is Bali, to the extent that some people say do not die before going there! And the FGBMFI World Convention 2012 will be held on July 24 to 27 exactly in Bali!

The event is certainly very special, because so long the World Convention has never been held in Asia and this time coincidently in commemoration of 60 years of vision received by FGBMFI founder, Demos Shakarian in 1952.

We believe it is time of the fulfillment of the sharpened vision, such as
Demos received revelation, written in his book “The Vision Intensified”. God has shown me the future, and has revealed that ‘A New Wave of Revival’ is about to EXPLODE within the body of Christ. The powerful miracle VISION God gave me for Fellowship, and the world, is not over …”

New Wave of Revival is … New Wave of Repentance, New Wave of Holiness and Mighty Outpouring of the Holy Spirit Power that will hit the marketplace, through the FGBMFI World Convention of 2012 in Indonesia to Asia and all over the world!

Therefore, I invite and encourage you to attend this World Convention 2012 with the theme “NEW WAVE” to experience the Presence of His Glory – ‘Shekinah Glory’ in every session that will make us excited, full power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish HIS work as written in Demos’ book: “The Vision Intensified’: “.. God has shown me that He is going to have a people (you!) …. A people willing to participate in this final hour of end-time spiritual history..”

Looking forward to welcoming you all, in Bali on 24-27 July 2012!

The Lord Jesus Bless Us!

Bernard Njotorahardjo
National President – FGBMFI Indonesia



20 comments to 2012 FGBMFI World Convention – Bali, Indonesia

  • Mbaiondoum

    Merci de m’envoyer toutes les information concernant la convention de Bali. Hôtel, itinéraire car je suis au Tchad (au cœur de l’Afrique) bref toutes les informations qui me permettrons d’assister à cette convention, les invitations pour avoir le visa


    • Lan

      Thank you for sending me all the information regarding the agreement in Bali. Hotel route because I am in Chad (in the heart of Africa) in short all the information that allow me to attend this convention, the invitations for visas

      thank you

      Additional persons interested in going to this convention should contact their own home country FGBMFI National Officers or the FGBMFI International Officers to get more information.

      God Bless You

      Les personnes supplémentaires intéressés à aller à cette convention devraient communiquer avec leur propre maison de campagne FGBMFI ordonnateurs nationaux ou des agents FGBMFI internationale pour obtenir de plus amples informations.

      Que Dieu vous bénisse!

  • Joel

    He who winneth souls is wise

  • Nellis de Arias

    Please, send me further information about the World Convention. I need to know the name of hotel that is going to have place the meetings. And the names and rates of the other hotels aound this hotel. If you have a link I can visit to get all this kind of information I wil appreciate.

    Love in Christ.



    De la République Démocratique du Congo, dans la capitale KINSHASA, nous membres du FGBMFI-RDC, avons besoins des informations sur la participation à la Convention Mondiale FGBMFI à Bali.
    Il n’ya pas de représentation diplomatique à Kinshasa, comment faire pour avoir le visas pour les membres qui désirent prendre part à cette convention. Est il possible d’avoir à partir du département des affaires étrangères en indonésie, le visa-volant. Quelle est l’itineraire à prendre à partir de Kinshasa. Votre suite prompte nous ferai du bien.

    Shaloom, 0

    Democratic Republic of Congo, in the capital Kinshasa, we members of FGBMFI-DRC, we need information on participation in the FGBMFI World Convention in Bali.
    There is no diplomatic representation in Kinshasa, how to get the visas for members who wish to attend this convention. Is it possible to get from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Indonesia, the visa-wheel. What is the itinerary to take from Kinshasa. Your suite will prompt us well.
    HENRI Luboya /


    2012 World Convention News

    We are happy to announce the 2012 World Convention will be in Balli, Indonesia.

    Balli is one of the most popular resorts in the world. Indonesia is one of the fastest growing FGBMFI nations. What a wonderful combination.

    We have all been looking forward to the World Convention this summer. What a joyful event this will be.

    Gideon Esurua and Ardian Kristanto are the co-chairmen of this convention. We are excited because President Ir. Bernard Njotorahardjo and all of the Indonesian people are preparing a big welcome.

    His Banner Over Us Is Love

    This year, we all come together in love, unity and a great passion to reach hundreds of millions of people and fulfill the Vision.

    2012 World Convention, Balli, Indonesia, July 24-27.

    The International Director’s meeting will be on the 24th.

    If you have not experienced the wonderful hospitality of the Indonesian people, you are in for a treat.

    Make plans early and let us all have a good time together.

    The International…Is in God’s Harvest Field of Souls,

    Richard Shakarian

    International President

    Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International | PO Box 19714 | Irvine | CA | 92623

  • Robert Kachadourian

    Dear Richard,

    I’ve long been an admirer of the FGBMFI. This goes back to the days of your father.

    Your ancestors & mine are from the same area in Armenia. My ancestors were martyred in the Genocide and we only had surviving my father & his brother out of a family of 55!!

    The rest is history as they say. However, I did have a film made out of the atrocities committed against the inhabitants of my father’s hometown.

    ‘Voices From the Lake’ has won many awards both here & abroad. It even was nominated for an Oscar!

    In sum, having related all of this, I’d like to meet with you. I’ll be in the LA area (Glendale) from early March to mid-June.

    I’m hoping we can do something for our beloved Armenia. Perhaps an FGBMFI can have a convention there.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    In His service,

    Robert Kachadourian, Ph.D.



  • Thomas Tsen

    I am from Malaysia and would like to register for the FGBMFI World Convention in Bali. Kindly advise us how to go about with the registration procedures and payment for the registration.

    Thomas Tsen

  • arnold atienza

    What is the official airline for convention? What is the group discount code for the air ticket?

  • Vincent Ardon

    Please, send me more information about the World Convention. I need to know the name of hotel or the convention center that is going be the place of the meetings. And the names and rates of the other hotels around this place. If you have a link or a website please include it in your reply.

    Truly yours;
    Vincent Ardon

  • Ehis Ogieriaikhi

    Hi.gud dy.my name is Ehis & I am a fgbmfi member from Nigeria.i hav never been to Indonesia .i hope to attend the 2012 convention in Bali.cld u provide me with information about avaliable hotels, program of events & other relevant info that will be useful to a first timer in indonesia.tnx.& have a great wknd.

  • Minh ,Huynh

    Dear Sir ,

    I would like to register for me and my wife for this World Convention ,at the Hotel Dua where the Convention will be conducted.

    Please inform me about all the items as : paymnent ,ect …

    Dr Khanh Minh

    Vietnam National FGBMFI Coordinator.

  • Please send the convention hotel rates and phone number for reservations at the Westin hotel.What is the hotel westin group rate code number for reservations purposes? Exactly which dates are the hotel group discount rates for. I usually go a couple of days early and still got discount.. What is the official airline for the convention, amd the group discount rate code number, if any.. Thanks.

  • I earlier requested convention info, but request was denied due to my having only one name, a last name.I need the hotel westin convention rates, and the special convention group rate code we need to call in reservations. Need the reservations number, now. need to know if there is an official convention airline for us this year, and what is that special group rate code, if available.. Also need to know exactly which dates our room discount is goood for.. I usually go a couple days early and still get the discount convention rate… Thanks.

  • may I also know where is the convention venue?

  • Wilfredo Duana

    Brothers, am now booked for a flight to Bali Indonesia from the Philippines via singapore arriving bali july 24,2012 and staying at westin hotel..pls help me get registered to our Fgbmfi world convention . Thanks and God bless you all! From wilfredo “buboy”Duana of Philippines fgbmfi…

  • James Arinda

    I am from Uganda and would like to know how much is required to participate in the convention in Bali and the official air line for the convention.

  • ETA Bali/Denpasar (DPS), Ngurah Rai Intl Arpt, ID
    Tue, 24 Jul 2012, 11:35
    GA   841 passengers Wilfredo and Arceli Duana fgbmfi world convention delegates.

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