Hearing God's Voice!


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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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November 2011
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Hearing God's Voice!

Have you ever heard God’s voice?  What did it sound like?  They are simple questions, but not so easy to answer.  God spoke to the men in the Bible, directing them, telling them what to do and how to do it… What did God’s voice sound like?

A Still Small Quite Voice

Scriptures give us many clues to what God’s voice sounds like.  Likewise, I have heard many preachers give advice on this topic.

Nevertheless, I would like to suggest one more idea on how God’s voice will sound when you hear it…The first time I clearly heard God’s Voice, it came from the mouth of Demos Shakarian… “You must build an FGBMFI Net, like a Web, to be used to catch the souls of many men!”

No Idea

I had no idea what that meant, what was an FGBMFI Net or an FGBMFI Web back 40 years ago in 1971?  To be absolutely truthful, at that time I did not even know what FGBMFI stood for!  But I did know something…

The Truth

I know that Brother Demos words sank deeply into my soul.  Bro. Demos put his big hands on my shoulder and spoke the words of the Lord, they were TRUTH. Truth, God cannot lie, therefore all God says is truth!  Let that absorb a while.

You MUST Be Born-Again

It was about a year later when I heard a Baptist man tell me “You Must Be Born Again!” I did not understand that either!  How a person could be born a second time, born by the Spirit, that did not make much sense to me either.

However, on August 13, 1972, on Sunday evening, I stepped forward and Mr. Green helped me receive the Lord into my heart and life.  I was born of the Spirit that evening.  Once again there was TRUTH!  That truth that burns deep into your soul and your spirit and will not let go of you.

Pure Words

The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver tried in a furnace of earth
purified seven times!
Psalm 12:6

The words that burn Truth into your Soul and Spirit must be pure!

Every word of God is pure:
He is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.
Proverbs 30:5

Time for a Purpose!

To every thing there is a season
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1

God gives us purpose.  He sets a path before us and calls us to walk it.  When God speaks it has purpose.  I remember in my youth there was a man of great wisdom and who had purpose.  They said he was a man of few words.  I think God has few words, few but important!

A Time for Work!

I said in mine heart…
God shall judge the righteous and the wicked:
for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.
Ecclesiastes 3:17

God has a work for us to do, and there is a right time for us to do that work also.

Now is the Time!

God’s Word speaks often of timing…  I recall what was spoken to Ruth, “for such a time as this!” God had given her a purpose and a time for that purpose!

40 Years Ago

Forty years ago Demos Shakarian told me… “You must build an FGBMFI Net, like a Web, to be used to catch the souls of many men!”

14 Years Ago

Fourteen Years Ago I registered FGBMFI.Net to build a website for every chapter of FGBMFI on the Earth.

7 Years Ago

Seven Years Ago God brought an angel into my life.  A flesh and blood angel to be my partner in listening to God’s Voice!  And he had moved me and was moving me to a new place to live that would be significant to events that were yet to come to pass.

November 1, 2011

On the First Day of November, 2011, in what appeared as a random conversation, a statement was made about the changes in the world and the Internet since we began FGBMFI Networking.  One of the regrets has always been a lack of funds and resources to put together a meaningful website for every chapter that wanted one.  All this costs money you know…

However, that conversation took us off the limitations and problems and focused on the real Goal…


One seemingly random thought led to another.  And to another.  It gets exciting when you can see the Holy Spirit speaking in unity in a number of different people in a room.  Suddenly all the peices came together when we realized that TODAY we have all the resources to help EVERY CHAPTER on the Earth to have their own website!


We just sat there in AWE!  It was amazing!  For 14 years we could not do this job.  We were lacking something.  Money, or some resource.  But suddenly God provided EVERYTHING!  We knew we were in the presence of the Lord.  Joy filled our hearts, our minds, the room exploded with laughter like a great cloud had been lifted…  It was time to make the…


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, any FGBMFI Chapter who would like a working website, need only to ask!

Ask And Ye Shall Receive!

That is right, every Chapter of FGBMFI can have a FREE WEBSITE just by asking.  It will be your own website, your own words that God tells you to use.  Just post a reply below and ask, we will email you back and help you to become your Chapter WebServant!

Praise the Lord!

At the very least your chapter should post a phone number and the name of the community you serve.  So people looking for FGBMFI in that community can find you!

What is the Catch?

Honestly, the only catch is that we have no written instructions, YET!  The first few are going to have to work with us to get things set up.  So it may take a little patience on your part.  We are here to serve you, but we can only do so much.  We will be using your input and your questions to write instructions for those that follow you.

That’s it, that is the only catch, so if your FGBMFI Chapter does not have a website yet, you should really get one now… For such a time as this has never happen before.

What To Do? / How To!

When you have talked to your chapter leaders and members and they have decided you will be their WebServant , then post a message below, say you are ready to start building your website.  We will contact you from the email address you type in, so be sure it is correct.

We will guide you every step of the way… It is no harder than sending email!  No special skills required.

What Language?

You are welcome to build a website in any language you desire…

Obviously, the Web Servants in these beginning days will need to get instructions from us in English.  We hope to get these translated into other languages so even more will be able to build a chapter website.

So what are you waiting for?

6 comments to Hearing God’s Voice!

  • Wale Akinwumi

    I wish to formally let you know that this is a grate Improvement in the Fellowship it make evangelizing easy and it allows us to access to other areas. May God continue to bless you.

    • Lan

      Thank you Wale. Our goal is to add to this site, to help people evangelize in their own areas. We plan to ad tips, hints, news articles and teaching that will bring glory to God and to his Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope more people like you in South Africa, will begin to avail of our offers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every FGBMFI Chapter in your nation of South Africa had their own website in which they can post how to contact them and what God is doing through them. We not only have a vision for South Africa, but for the whole world. Men reaching men, God touching people.

      We are now developing a plugin module for any website, which will add an up to date links page to all current FGBMFI websites. We are developing this in a way that will allow up to day link information in roughly the 64 major languages of the world. We are working closely with Google to offer automatic machine translation of our website, as well as all websites on our new links page. Not only English, German, and Spanish, but also languages like Swahili from Africa and Tagalog from the Philippines.

      So check back often! And may God bless you as you continue evangelizing South Africa!

      The FGBMFI.Net Working Team!

      PS Any FGBMFI Chapter who does not have a website, just leave a comment here saying you want a website, and where your chapter is, and we will help you build it to give God the glory!

    • Sometimes it is hard to hear God’s voice when all we listen to is our own advice. I appreciate you sharing this story. Everytime I come to this FGBMFI website I really am inspired.

      • Lan

        Very sweet words Steve. I believe if you seek God, you will find him. Get into a good study of the Bible, on your own and with your family. The more you learn of God’s Word, the more easily you will hear God speaking directly to you.

  • Sean Maloney

    Hello Lan it has been a long time since I participated in any FGBMFI. It was through atending a dinner at Mile end chapter in 1983 by Alan Jones when I first asked Jesus into my life.I started to discover an ancient VOICE speaking as lively reading it, as the days it was spoken through David…Today even after so long a time TODAY if you hear my Voice…These are the days of that swift witness andhow swifter can one be than to have a message delivering tool like you have shared,to fulfil Gods plan into all the earth?You have stirred me up brother Glory be to God here.

    • Lan

      God is alive and well and very active! Become active my brother Sean, to spread the Gospel and to the ends of the earth!

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