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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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November 2011
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FREE! Get An FGBMFI Chapter Website!

We want and now we have the resources to help every chapter of FGBMFI to have a FREE WEBSITE!

Ask and you shall receive. That is right, just ask and your chapter of FGBMFI can have a free website that represents your chapter.  You can become your chapter WebServant and make it yourself with our help.  All you need it the desire!  It is not really that hard!

Why have a chapter, so people can contact.  I have received many emails from people wanting to locate an FGBMFI chapter in the place they are or some nearby town.  But I have no way to tell them how to find you.  Now you can tell them, and you can tell them in your own language and be listed in our chapter directory…


If you missed the Announcement and how God brought this about… just read Hearing God’s Voice! Follow the instructions there and soon you will have a website for your chapter, including a custom FGBMFI web address.

Say you were in Springfield, Missouri, in the US.  You could have.


You could even get email addresses for your officers like:


You put your chapters information there.  It can be a simple description of your chapter, where you are and how to contact you, or add a weekly description of your meetings, of go full out and have a daily inspirational message!  It is up to you!  You are in charge, we are only your servants.  We are here to help you promote YOUR FGBMFI Chapter and promote Jesus the Lord.

So go to the announcement page and follow the simple instructions and get started today. Very soon your website will be online, announcing that you are alive and well and His Spirit is within you!  Praise God!

We want EVERY chapter of FGBMFI in the world to have their own chapter website and we will make it easy for you to do it!

What are you waiting for?

  • Use FGBMFI Email
  • Promote YOUR FGBMFI Chapter
  • Give God Glory for the Healing He does in Your Chapter
  • Increase the Prayer Times
  • Let the World See Your Revival
  • Be an FGBMFI Web Servant
  • Announce your Conventions

Get Your FGBMFI Chapter Website Today!

Start today by reading…

Hearing God’s Voice!

11 comments to FREE! Get An FGBMFI Chapter Website!

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  • […] purpose of this FGBMFI Lan City Philippines website is to teach you how to make a FREE FGBMFI Chapter Website! That is right, FREE! All it takes is your willingness to make it. It is not even that complex of a […]

  • This is a fantastic idea! Wouldn’t it be great if every FGBMFI Chapter had a website. I hope I can find a chapter in Siquijor, Siquijor, Philippines! I would love to fellowship with them.

  • Hola Soy Adolfo Clavo:
    Estoy informandome actualmente sobre el dominio para poder tener nuestra website, pero no me queda claro como poder configurar ya que mi hija es la que me ayuda y no le queda claro como poder hacerlo, nos gustaría que nos pudiesen orientar para poder colgar nuestra website de Perú ya que actualmente trabajamos con gmail y quisieramos tener una mejor formalidad y cobertura.

    Saludos desde Perú y esperando que Dios los bendiga y prospere!!!

    Machine Translation:

    Hello, I’m Adolfo Cloves

    I now report on the domain to be able to have our website, but I am not clear as to set as my daughter is what helps me and it is not clear as to do so, we wish we could target to hang our website Peru and currently working with gmail and would like to have a better dependability and coverage.

    Greetings from Peru and hoping that God will bless and prosper!

    • Lan

      Yes Brother Adolfo!

      We will be contacting you shortly to set up your website. Is this a site for a local chapter of for the National Chapter of Peru?

      Surely God will prosper you as you continue to server the Lord with gladness!

      In the service of God and FGBMFI (FIHNEC).

      Bro. Lan

      Machine Translation:

      Sí hermano Adolfo!

      Estaremos en contacto con usted en breve para configurar su sitio web. Es un sitio para un capítulo local de la Sección Nacional del Perú?

      Sin duda, Dios te hará bien, a medida que continúe con el servidor del Señor con alegría!

      En el servicio de Dios y FGBMFI (FIHNEC).

      Bro. Lan

  • Joel

    Hi Brother Lan!
    I want to be of help in spreading the Gospel through the fgbmi website or helping people to know Jesus, I have been called to preach the Gospel in my town of White Plains, New York and I want to do something great for God in my life time. Please get bk to me and let me know how I can spead the gospel and be of help to you.

    • Lan

      The thing I would advise is that you become active in winning souls in your local FGBMFI chapter. Also make sure your chapter has a website with CURRENT contact information that is for your chapter only. It cost nothing.

  • hello to all.. Glad to be a part of FGBMFI. we are from Gen. Santos City -Phillipines.

    • Lan

      @Erwin Jayoma

      Hello my Brother Win!

      Greetings from the Queen City of the South!

      I love you Brothers down in Gen San (that is General Santos City for those outside the Philippines!) I took a look at your Website, would you mind if I made a few suggestions?


      First I would suggest you change your Domain Name:
      You can get this FREE on the same account you have. So that no one gets lost, just forward your traffic from…

      We would be glad to teach you how!


      I will be glad to show you how to use this FGBMFI Domain Name for chapter email also… Just picture it…

      WinJay @

      You cannot use in your email address! They do not allow it!


      I would also suggest you Add some Pages (static pages, not blog posts). Take a look at this demo site:

      Forget the colors for a minute and just look at the layout. At the top click on the Officers page, or CLICK HERE!

      You need a page like this that you update once a year with your officers list and contacts. Now take a look at:


      And don’t forget…
      FGBMFI (give us a front page link back to FGBMFI.Net and we will link you into the world!)

      These pages do not change a lot, but they are important for your site.


      Your Favicon (Favorite Icon) is a big Orange “B” for Blogger! Now look at Lan City (also a blogger site). It has the FGBMFI LOGO for a Favicon. I can help you do this with your site.

      Big Blue Blogger Bar

      Take a look at you site page now… Your theme has the Big Blue Blogger Bar “B4!” “B4” you see anything else, you see the B4 or 4 B’s! The Big Blue Blogger Bar (hey – sometimes it is Orange!). It is at the top with the big Orange “B” promoting blogger.

      Let’s do our best for our Lord Jesus the Christ…

      Take a look at a site I just started work on for Olongapo!

      Wow! No ugly Big Blue Blogger Bar!

      As I said, I just started this, but picture if those were photos of your city and your chapter! I’ll soon be adding the page links to that top white bar!

      Based on the same thing you are using, you could have…

      • for your website ~ FREE!
      • (anything) ~ FREE!
      • FGBMFI Logo for your Favicon ~ FREE!
      • Static Pages for Officers, Contacts, Events and Links – ALL FREE!
      • A Beautiful Professional FGBMFI Layout any Business would like – FREE!
      • NO Big Blue Blogger Bar! ~ FREE!

      No more cheap and ugly Blogger Blog!

      This can be your Gen San Chapter Website, the cost is the same! Free! If you would like my help, let me know!

      Let’s serve the Lord, Together, with Gladness! Let’s make an FGBMFI Chapter Website for EVERY chapter in the Philippines!

  • Evangelist Kamp DW Welch

    Does FGBMF have a headquarters in Minnesota?
    or in other states.

    I live in MN and i would like to know where I can
    fellowship if I want to come to a meeting.


    Micah 4:5-7

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