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November 2011
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Building a Chapter Website!

Many wonderful things are happening around the world in FGBMFI.Net Work! Just today I am helping a National Chapter of FGBMFI!  Praise the Lord!

What we do!
(Our Vision / Our Work!)

We will give you our work in anyway that we can help you in FGBMFI.  Currently we are working on three areas:

  1. We pray daily for FGBMFI request from all over the world – this is our primary ministry!
  2. Building a National Chapter website or linking ALL FGBMFI National Chapters websites in the World – for FREE!
  3. Building an Up To Date Website snippet that can be added to any website to provide world wide links in all major languages!
  4. Writing a program for a Spam Free, FGBMFI Forum system. (still to be announced, watch the blog at  We will also sponsor this forum world wide – for FREE!
  5. We sponsor FGBMFI.Net (Net Working) including announcements of Events.
  6. We sponsor FGBMFI.Biz (Biz for Business Men) FGBMFI World Wide Business listings – future development.
  7. We sponsor FGBMFI.Co (Coaching) Mentoring the next generation of FGBMFI – future development.
  8. Helping ANY and EVERY FGBMFI Chapter set up an FGBMFI website for their chapter.

Although we do not charge for our time, effort or labor, there are expenses incurred in setting up a quality website.  We believe in excellence.  We are servants of the Lord! We are YOUR partners and YOUR Servants!

I have just started thinking about writing a guide for building an FGBMFI Chapter website.  I am looking forward to helping you the best we can.

Informative and Inviting!

There are many options.  Of course, everyone wants “a super fantastic and wonderful website that is the best website in the world!”  Nonetheless, “best” is a hugely relative term…

FGBMFI is largely an invitation only ministry.  We invite men to our meetings.  We help men invite the Lord Yeshua / Jesus to be their Messiah.  So the first thing you want a “best” website to be is informative and inviting!

I recently was visiting a website that was beautiful.  It had many good features… except one!  When I decided to contact them, there was NO contact information.  No phone number, no address, no email form, literally NOTHING!  So a website that just stated how to contact FGBMFI Bute City and nothing else could really be classified as “the best” website for someone looking in Bute City for an FGBMFI chapter!

Get Some Contact Information ONLINE can be a very effective website!

Spam Free

Another thing you website should have is an Email Contact From.  If you put your email address online, spammers will quickly pick it up and start sending a few thousand spam emails to that address daily.


I have taught many people that the #1 consideration is branding.  Branding is both what you want people to remember and how they can find you.

Which of the following leaves you the impression (brand) that you are connected to FGBMFI Bute…

This would go along with a website like:


(www.ButePh.FGBMFI.Net works also!)

Perhaps you may want an official roll account for the current officers.  Something like:


Instead of…
(everyone knows is a free email…)

In YOUR opinion (the only one that matters here) what do you think represents your connection to FGBMFI in Bute?

Email Options

I had this same conversation with a chapter in Africa recently.  Here is what they asked…


Would be the official chapter secretary email address.  It would be forwarded to the current officer (ex: forwarded to JohnWayne@ButePh.FGBMFI.Net), and would change when that officer changed.

JohnWayne@ButePh.FGBMFI.Net would be assigned to the current officers and past officers.  In other words, when John Wayne was no longer the president, Pres@ButePh.FGBMFI.Net would then be forwarded to the new president, but JohnWayne@ButePh.FGBMFI.Net could still be used as a past officer (or perhaps as the new chapter president! 🙂 ).

JohnWayne@ButePh.FGBMFI.Net could be a real email address (completely different) or it could be forwarded to any other account (like to

There are many other email options.

The Domain Name

The domain name is the part between the // and the first / but not actually including the www.

For this webpage:
The domain name is:

The MOST IMPORTANT part of a branding structure is the Domain Name. Here are some tips you can do…

Positive Keywords

What do you think people would type into a search engine if they wanted to find an FGBMFI chapter in Bute City, Philippines?

Well, FGBMFI would be the first and most obvious!  After all, they are looking for an FGBMFI Chapter.  But FGBMFI alone does not represent your chapter, but all chapters in the world.

The next most obvious is Bute!  If the who and what is FGBMFI then the Where is Bute…

The third keyword is Philippines or Ph – the official worldwide code for the Philippines.

The fourth keyword would likely be Mindanao – but try typing Bute Philippines into Google and you will get to the right place.  I would make sure the word Mindanao was in visible text on some pages – but not in the domain name.

So important Positive Keywords you may want in your domain name are

  2. Bute
  3. Ph

Negative Keywords

These will rank very low – UNLESS – you belong to that name!  So if you are the owner of Google or Multiply – go ahead and use that.  But you do not want your primary name to be or your email address to end or

Everyone (including Google) knows that these are free services and most of the con artist and scammers use these “free” services to rob people of their money!  Basically, if it is free like, you do not want it!

Excellence from the start…

We are working for the Lord.  Even if we are just giving people a contact form, it represents the Lord and we should do the best we can.



All FGBMFI chapters must have there country code as a part of their domain name. (Actually this is likely a pro!)


Step One

Step One getting your domain name.  Something like …


(We do not want to exclude any chapter.

Step Two

Step Two is choosing your format.

Really think about what you want to say…

Step Three

Step Three is where you add content beyond the basic.  As you can see, you can add youTube or GodTube videos, photos, blogs, and just about anything on the web, free or paid, can be incorporated.

Step Four

We will soon have a WebServants community where people can share thoughts and ideas on how to improve FGBMFI.Net Working! Get involved! Help others to learn how to minister this way.

Likewise be involved with the blog on FGBMFI.Net Working! If you have something of value to share with the whole FGBMFI World community, submit an article and we may publish it.

Give Glory To God! How do you do this?  Well, people give glory to movie stars all the time – they make them famous!


Your Chapter can help make God famous with ideas we are collecting.  For example:

  • Baseball caps that read…

  • Teeshirts that read…
    His Banner Over Me Is Love!

  • Stickers in taxis and tricycles…

    Wise Men Still Seek HIM!

  • Business cards given to hospital nurses stations…

    Need Prayer Call … 09222222222
    More Info … ButePh.FGBMFI.Net 

  • Everything you print, like tracks or forms or fliers, add…


  • As a business man when you sponsor a community event, add to the posters…

  • Put a coffee cup on your office desk that says…

These are just some ways others are sharing the good news gospel or our Lord.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask!

And check out this page… or this page!

Bless God!

NOTE: Bute City, Philippines does not exist, we use it only as an example.

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