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November 2011
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FGBMFI Links For Your Site

Here is the dream FGBMFI Links Page we are developing for you.  For YOUR FGBMFI Website.  As a service to you, we are developing an FGBMFI Links page you can easily add to your website with just a few lines of code!  Here are a few features:

  • Many Languages! We currently have three languages to test, but are expecting to release at lease 30 language versions!
  • Translations of Websites! Say you want to read an FGBMFI website that is not in your language, just click the translate icon!  The translator will read your primary language and try to translate the website into something you can read.  It is done by machine, some sites translate better.  But it will give you a good idea what other FGBMFI chapters are going.  Try it today!
  • Change Languages! Either the language of the FGBMFI Links List (yellow letters) or the language of the website you are reading!
  • Few Lines of Code! Put it on your site with just a few lines of code!
  • Automatic Updates! We update it automatically!
  • So easy! Nothing is easier!

Here are some example test pages on our testing site…

Please Note: There is no such place as Lan City, Philippines!

FGBMFI Links Default

  • English
  • Click Yellow To Change Language!
  • International
  • National
  • Worldwide Local Chapters (Non USA Chapters)
  • Default Colors
  • CSS may be styled with a locally served Style Sheet!

The Code:

<div style="width:500px;height:500px;margin:0 auto;">
  <iframe name='fgbmfiIframe' id="fgbmfiIframe" src="http://fgbmfi.net/fgbmfi.net/links/fgbmfi_links.php" style="width:500px; height:480px; border-width:0px; "><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>
  <p id="fgbmfiLink" class="fgbmfiLink" style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size:12px; text-align: center; "><a href="http://fgbmfi.net/">FGBMFI</a> <a href="http://fgbmfi.net/2011/11/07/fgbmfi-links-for-your-website/">Links For Your Website</a></p>

NOTE: You MUST tell us your website so we can register it in the program, in order for it to work properly.

FGBMFI Links Green

  • Spanish
  • Click Yellow To Change Language!
  • Worldwide Local Chapters ONLY (Non USA Chapters)
  • A External Green Style Sheet!
  • CSS may be styled with a locally served Style Sheet!

FGBMFI Links Blue

  • Hebrew
  • Click Yellow To Change Language!
  • USA Chapters
  • A External Blue Style Sheet!
  • CSS may be styled with a locally served Style Sheet!



Note: If you like our fake “Lan City” Chapter Website, you can have a REAL website for your Real FGBMFI Chapter for FREE!

Also check back to FGBMFI Lan City Philippines, (http://lancityph.fgbmfi.net/), we are making improvements often and this FGBMFI themed website will is available for any FGBMFI chapter, for FREE!

Link Options

The you may make your links page fit your site.  For example, you may set the colors, type style and size in a local style sheet.

Likewise the default language (which the user can change by clicking the yellow letters – Try it above!).  Plus you can tailor the content as you please.  There are…

Two Devisions

  1. Worldwide

  2. US States

And there are:

Three Categories

Within Each Division

  1. International

  2. HQ

  3. Chapters


The International Category in both the Worldwide and US States Divisions are exactly the same.  This category contains websites that are about many different chapters in many different nations.


The Worldwide Division does not include the Chapters in the USA.

HQ Category

The HQ Category under the Worldwide Division includes all National Chapters.

Chapters Category

The Chapter Category under the Worldwide Division includes all Local Chapters not on other lists.

Example: Not one USA lists and Not a National HQ Chapter.

US States

The other division is for the US States.   This is because of the many chapters there.  Often a single State is larger than some countries!

HQ Category

The HQ Category under the US States Division is a listing of HQ Chapters that are for a whole State.

Example: The State of Florida

Chapter Category

The Chapter Category within the US States Division is a listing of chapters that withing the USA and not HQ chapters.

3 comments to FGBMFI Links For Your Website

  • Please could you set up a link to my official United Kingdom Website.


    • aLan Tait

      Thanks Lynn!

      If you point at “LINKS” on the Menu bar, and then Click on FGBMFI NATIONAL, you will find a link for your site fgbmfi.uk.com in the blue box listed under UK United Kingdom.

      As a national chapter, we are directing UK.FGNMFI.NET to your site also within a framed window. This allows people to better / easier find National Chapters by simply going to the country code and fgbmfi.net, like uk.fgbmfi.net.

      Any National Chapter who does not have a website can get a free domain name from us, a Free WordPress website (just like this one but slightly harder) or a free blogger website (easy to edit as email!).

      So if you are the national chapter in Iraq (we are praying for this!) you can have a FREE Website! 100% FREE – so preach the gospel in season and out!

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