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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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November 2011
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Miracles in Denmark and Pennsylvania

My mother, God rest her soul, would say “Today is a red letter day!”  It was just her way of saying something good happened.  Extra good.  Well, today FGBMFI members all over the world made me smile that I am being successful as serving your needs.

We are your servants.  We exist to help you be a success!  But we need your feed back also.  In some ways, your comments and email help us decide what to put our effort into, or sometimes just encourage us.  Just like Denmark and Pennsylvania did today!

You see, on October 17th, we added a flag counter to the FGBMFI.Net site.  We wanted to see where our readers were from.  We decided to see how long it would take before we reached a few “mile stones” in a manner of speaking.  For example, how long it would take before we reached a few hundred different visitors.  In the language of the Internet, these are called “unique visitors”.

Unique Visitors

Unique Visitors are actually based on the number of different computers that visit the FGBMFI.Net site. During the downloading of the site, there are small pieces of information passed back and forth between the computers. Nothing sinister or identifying, just normal “hi, hello, please send me a file” information from computer to computer. It happens with every website you view. Well, one of these is a small piece of information about where your computer is, for example, what country, of State if you are in the USA. You computer also tells us if you have ever visited our website before. If you have not, we count you (specifically your computer) as a new unique visitor!

Our Unique Visitor Prayer

So with great faith, we reached up and asked God that 300 people within the first month would be able to find our new FGBMFI.Net website and that we could be a blessing to them.

The Page View

Another measure is called the Page View. It just means how many pages are view, or downloaded. For example, you are reading this page, so that counts as one. If you read five pages, it would count as five page views. If five people read ten pages each, that would count as 50 page views. However you could also get 50 page views from ten people reading five pages each, of 48 people reading one page each plus one person reading 2 pages!

Our Page View Prayer

We hoped that you, are FGBMFI readers, would pass on this good news and that within one month we would have 100 page views per day!

Countries and States

I have had the honor of sharing the gospel in 52 countries. Just imagine that. I am blessed by what God has done in my life in the nearly 40 years I have followed him. Not counting the country I was born in (the USA) and the country I have lived half my life in (The Philippines) that is 50 countries I have been to for short term missionary work. I think ALL people should do short term missions in other countries.

I recalled that the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples 50 days after the resurrection… Likewise, I have had the pleasure to speak about the Lord in all 50 states of the USA.

Our Fifty Country Prayer

Fifty Countries, Fifty Days, Fifty States, wow, it seemed God was trying to say something, so we asked for Fifty Different Countries to visit FGBMFI in the first month! By Faith!

Half the States Prayer

We also asked God to give us at least one visitor from half of the States in the USA. HALF! One out of Two! We have a big God!

The Faith Of Daniel

Please Note, these are not easy goals to meet. I have been in this business a lot of years and if a business were to make such goals in the first month, I would call them foolish. But these goals were coming on the faith and private prayers of the FGBMFI Network team! We wanted God to show us a miracle. But then came the “too much” prayer. That God would do this with the faith of Daniel. Daniel, as some will recall, did a no choice foods fast for 21 days. He saw miracles in just 3 weeks. One of the team asked God to show us miracles in basically 3 weeks. Frankly, it was more than most of us could believe.

Really, reaching these big goals in a month would really be a miracle. 300 NEW viewers, 50 countries, 25 states, and NO advertising of any kind. These people would need to find us on there own, guided by the Holy Spirit. We all agreed that even reaching these goals in 90 days was a challenge. In one month would be truly a miracle and in 21 days would likely be impossible.

But Not With God!

And Jesus looking upon them saith,
With men it is impossible,
but not with God:
for with God all things are possible

Mark 10:27

For with God nothing shall be impossible.
Luke 1:37

Just as soon as the word Impossible was spoken, out came the Word of God, like rapid fire from both sides of the room, NOTHING is impossible with God. We decided to just wait on the Lord, to watch and see what God would do.

The Seventh Day of the Month

Denmark became became the 50th Nation on Earth to officially read a page of FGBMFI.Net.

Pennsylvania became the 25th State, to likewise visit the website.

Both on the same Day!

We likewise had our 300th Unique Visitor, all within the same 24 hour period. What surprised us was that only about 40%, or 130 Unique Visitors were from the USA, the majority were scattered all over the world. God was indeed planting seeds everywhere. We suddenly became very aware that the majority of the people visiting the FGBMFI.Net website were really coming from all over the world!

“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ (Revelation 5:9b) It was the motto we had placed on every page of the site, and God just revealed how true it is! We have many things in the works for every nation and language!

A Hundred Times A Day

We had reached a record high of 119 page views on October 31, however, on the 7th, for the first time, we had an average of 100 page views a day for a full week.

God Does A Miracle

We all noticed how every one of our prayers were answered on the same day, the 7th day! 100 Page Views, 300 Unique Visitors, 50 Countries, 25 States! All that we had prayed for, the Miracles we had asked for, we got them all within one month! All that had seemed so hard to reach, less than a month ago, God had already done!

We all took note of the date. It is common knowledge that 7 is “God’s Perfect Number!” In the Bible the number Seven is associated with the things of God. These things happened on the date 11-7-11! Look at that number! All ones with God’s perfect 7 right in the Middle!

The Truth Number

For us into computers, we understand the special relationship, in the special computer “Truth Numbers”, especially 1, 3, and 7.

They are called “Truth Numbers” because in the Binary numbering system (Base 2) they are “all 1’s!” 1=truth, 0=False. So in binary, 1, 3 and 7 are respectively written “1”, “11” and “111”. Notice they are all ones, or all truth. To compare, the number 666 looks like this…


I have always noticed with amazement, that the three binary truth numbers in the Octal numbering system are 1, 3 and 7 (“1”, “11” and “111”). In the Bible

1 God
3 Persons
7 Lamps, Stars, Scrolls

It is all about God and all about Truth.

The Ultimate Truth!

In the numbering system of Octal, or Base 8, Seven, is “all ones” and represents Ultimate Truth. All computer systems, all modern phone and communication systems, all work by using a mathematical calculation called a “one’s complement”. In Octal it is adding the Ultimate Truth, 7, in a special way. Octal and Binary are what gave birth to the speed and power of computers and the Internet. So for us that know, 7 is a very important and special number, usually referring to Truth and God. No wonder most people consider 7 a lucky number!

God Performs A Perfect Miracle!

So at FGBMFI we all accepted it as a sign from God that ALL we had prayed for came to pass on the 7th! We all saw God’s hand in this. However, you cannot write good computer programs without having a healthy respect for, and even a love for numbers. So it did not take long before someone asked, how many day did it take to reach these goals. Who knows??? We were all so thrilled and happy to see this miracle before one month had passed we did not even care!

But since the question was raised, you could see the hands grabbing for pencils and paper, calculators, keyboards, and calenders…

Twenty-One Days is Three Weeks

God had reached ALL the goals in exactly three weeks, exactly 21 days. God had given us the Daniel miracle that most had believed was impossible.

So for this post I will leave you with the quote we started with…

And Jesus looking upon them saith,
With men it is impossible,
but not with God:
for with God all things are possible

Mark 10:27

For with God nothing shall be impossible.
Luke 1:37

We Give all glory, honor and praise to the Lord Yeshua the Messiah, Jesus the Christ, who gave us these miracles in Denmark and Pennsylvania and “Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.”

To celebrate we created a new linking logo for you to put on your website to link to FGBMFI.Net. Here are the three style colors…



FGBMFI.Net Colors

Right now I will add a post on how to put these on your website…

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  • I see that FGBMFI.Net is now up to 77 countries in the last month! Way to Go! This is a really good service to the FGBMFI community! Thanks so much for your efforts.

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