Oops! The Links Plugin is Now Fixed!


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November 2011
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Oops! The Links Plugin is Now Fixed!

The FGBMFI Links plug in, that automatically allows you to put links onto your website, is working again.  If you want to see it in action, take a look at the FGBMFI Lan City Philippines ~ Contact Us page!

Actually, I do not think most people even noticed the error.  It only showed up while clicking one of the four links that switched to a different view (either the US State View or the Worldwide View).  That was just a very minor coding error, that we should have caught while testing.  But was skipped in the test sequence.  (Thanks Sis. Percy for pointing this out to us!)

This minor error really only cause a problem with the bottom three links, that switch to the US State View and the World Wide View.  Likewise that link to the USA State View near the top was also failing.

When clicking any of these four links it would return a 404 page error, File Not Found!

The good news is… The way the system is set up, we just needed to make the change and upload it to our server.  The next time anyone used the page on Your website, it was automatically fixed!  Praise the Lord, that is pretty cool!

You may notice that we also added about a dozen new links.  When one of you sends us a Link we take a number of steps.  First, we verify the link.  That is we go and view the website.  We also verify what language it is in for the translator.  At that point we manually add it to the master list, this is just a spread sheet from which we build the language packs.

From there your site is manually added to the sites list, and if needed, we may give it a priority add to each language.  If not the English will appear with all translations, but that will slowly be replaced as we do updates.

Here is the worldwide (Non-USA) links list for you in green and in Spanish!  If you need a different language, just click the Yellow word, ( LENGUA ) Below to get a the links in a different language.


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