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November 2011
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Publish Your FGBMFI Events

At the top-right corner of every FGBMFI Networking Page is an active link to EVENTS. This link will give you a listing of all FGBMFI National and International Events in our database, from the oldest at the bottom to the newest at the top.

To add a post, just send us your information.  You can just Click Here if you do not have our email address, and a form will be provided for you.

Be sure to give us as complete information as you can provide.  Some of the things you will want to provide are:

The Venue: What Place will this be held at?

The Country: Remember that out readers are world wide, and this site is available and read in 64 of the worlds major languages.  So we need to know if it is Notting Hill UK, or Notting Hill USA!

Website: Tell us YOUR URL (address) ~ You should have this complete information on your local chapter and/or national website.  Tell us where that webpage is?  IF you do not have a local chapter website, WHY?  They are FREE from FGBMFI Networking. They are easy to make too… So if you do not have a website, contact us and build one. (although we will still put your National and International even on our site!)

The Start Date: This is REQUIRED as this is the date we sort the events with.

The End Date: This is the last day of your event.  IF you event is only on one day, then this date will be the same as you Start Date

Contact People: The names of specific people working on this event.

Contact Phone Numbers, Websites, Email Addresses: whatever you give to us we will publish.

Description: Give us a description of your event.  Why are you having it?  Who are your speakers?  What will take place at your event?  When  will you do what?  Not only the day, but perhaps a schedule.  Where exactly this will take place.  How do people get there and how do people get in touch with the people in charge?

Advanced Notice: Most events like this begin planing a year in advance.  So you should start posting a year in advance.  Even if it is just something like Germany National Convention and a Date. As you continue planing you can post more and more details.  Hopefully you will have ALL details published at least 3-6 months before the event.  Nonetheless, start posting as soon as you know anything…

FGBMFI Networking Desires to be you Events Partner to make you FGBMFI Event a success and to be a blessing to others who will see your event here and come and join you to celebrate the glory or the Lord!


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