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December 2011
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Australia Chapters, Where Are You?

Brother Demos Shakarian Prophesied over me 40 years ago. I am slow, it took me till now to understand what the Holy Spirit said through him.

He told me I needed to build an FGBMFI Net, like a Web, to catch the souls of men. After that date, I received the Lord, helped build the Internet, and to make a long story short, I finally understand what I should do…


I am the web-servant of the Lord! I am your servant!

I have a simple job, make an online presence for every chapter of FGBMFI in the World! Now some people say that is 6,000, others say 7,000 or 9,000 chapters. It really doesn’t matter, I started out with the idea for enough room for 65,000 Chapters!

Online presence means a webpage!

I had to start somewhere. So I started praying for a website for each National Office. Recently a conversation made me realize, we now have the means to make a website for every chapter in the world! Last week, in the middle of my dawn prayers, I just blurted out, Lord, let me focus on one isolated country and start there. Only after the words came out of my mouth did I hear them! One isolated country? What in the world did that mean.

So I started praying, “Lord, show me the country you want first?” A week went by and nothing. I get messages all the time asking about FGBMFI in far away places… But then I got two messages today. The first message was from a man saying he was planning a business trip to Sydney Australia, and could I give him chapter contact information there. The second message asked me to add the 2012 Australia National Convention, which I was happy to do.  However, he made a statement a small statement about how Australia was the most isolated country on earth, and the only country continent there is.  I have been down under before, but never thought about the fact that there is no road there from some other country!  He also gave me the following list of 50 Australia Chapters!

  1. Adelaide Eastern
  2. Adelaide North
  3. Adelaide North East
  4. Adelaide South
  5. Albury/Wodonga
  6. Alice Springs
  7. Aspley
  8. Ballina
  9. Blacktown
  10. Bowen
  11. Brisbane
  12. Busselton
  13. Cairns
  14. Callide-Dawson Valley
  15. Canberra
  16. Central Highlands
  17. Charters Towers
  18. Chinchilla
  19. Dandenong
  20. Fassifern
  21. Frankston
  22. Geelong
  23. Gilgandra
  24. Gold Coast
  25. Goulburn Valley
  26. Granite Belt
  27. Hobart
  28. Kingborough
  29. Mackay
  30. Mount Gambier
  31. Naracoorte
  32. Noosa District
  33. North Canberra
  34. North West Coast
  35. Northern Suburbs
  36. Parramatta
  37. Peninsula
  38. Perth South
  39. Port Macquarie
  40. Port Stephens
  41. Queanbeyan
  42. Redlands
  43. St George
  44. Sunshine Coast
  45. Sutherland
  46. Sydney Chinatown
  47. Tenant Creek
  48. Toowoomba
  49. Traralgon
  50. Waverley

Chapter Websites

I want someone from each of those chapters to contact me and work with me to build a chapter website.  It is not hard and I will do everything, even take you by the hand, to help you get your chapter website up and running.  A Chapter website can be as simple as just contact information.  Or as complete as your chapter would like, it with announcements of your meetings, and reports of lives that are changed.  How you use your chapter website, to bring glory and honor to the Lord, is up to you.

My ministry is to teach you how.  Every chapter in Australia has a Chapter Web-Servant who is more than able to put your chapter online.  Together we will develop the tools and instruction you need.

Australia, I am praying for you!

I have no idea how to contact you, but Australia, I am praying you will see this, and tell me below that you want a website for your FGBMFI Chapter, and Name Where Your Chapter Is At!

A Sigh From God!

If you are in Australia, and you are reading this, it is a sign from God that God wants you to be involved in this project!   God led you to find this page!  So tell someone about it!  Pray about it!  Make sure your chapter has a WebServant and a website!

Let’s work together so that Australia is the first country on the Earth to have a working website, for every chapter!  I have plenty of tools to help you.  If you can do email, you can make a chapter website!  If you think you are too old, then let your kids contact me, my 10 year old can make one of these sites!  (Oops!  He will not be 10 until next March 2012!)

If you have a teen age daughter, she can to this for you, online, with the help of my teen age son!  If you have a 20 something godly son, he can do this for you, with the help of my 20 year old daughter!

I am not trying to suggest anything here, other than ANY Godly person, with a love for God, and basic email skills, can make an website!

The Cost : FREE!

That is right, we are not asking for money, we work for the Lord!

If everyone starts now, there is plenty of time to have every FGBMFI Chapter in Australia have their Chapter Website running before your National Convention…

What To Do…

To get your chapter website, just put a comment below, with a valid email address.  We NEVER spam and NEVER give email addresses away!  (See our Privacy Policy)  In your comment tell me what chapter you want to build a site for.

For Ideas, you may also want to read about Lan City, or other pages on this site.

Telephone Book Vs Google

Here is one last thought.  2011 was a history making year. It is the first time in history, since telephone books were invented, that more people Googled, for what they wanted, rather than look in a phone book!  That even includes online phone books.

The Test!

Here is a test, type “FGBMFI” into Google followed by your city.

Something like …

FGBMFI Lan City Philippines

Can you find your chapter’s contact information on one of the first five results pages?

How about the first 10 results?

First 20 results?

Not at all?

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