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December 2011
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Chapter Website ~ Part 1

Part 1 ~ We are now going to begin to outline How To build a FREE FGBMFI Chapter Website. This is Part One because I am expecting there to be a number of part so we can cover this in detail. Most people realize there are many complicated and technical aspects to publishing on the Internet. This is true, there are Internet Protocol Address, Domain Name Servers, Hosting Companies, Routing Configurations and many many more highly technical aspects to posting a website on the Internet… Fortunately, there is also an easy way!

Plenty of instructions on the Internet, for example at Lan Net Work or the Money Making Entrepreneur. However, our site is specifically about how to build a website for an FGBMFI Chapter.

Before we begin, I cannot over emphasis the need for prayer. Pray and pray and pray again. Have your chapter officers lay hands on you and pray, anointing you for this service. Have your chapter prayer meeting pray for you… You need to swim in prayer for this job! Prayer will be involved at every step.

In the last month, a thousand people came to the FGBMFI.Net website who were totally unknown to any of us before. Likewise, they came from Eighty-Five different countries… That is a lot of making God Famous, Glory to God!

Some Goals

Some of the goals we will have for the FGBMFI FREE Chapter Website ~ How To are:

  • FREE – a price every chapter can afford.
  • A website domain name specifically about FGBMFI.
    An identified location or place.
  • A landing page. This is also called a home page or front page. It is where people “land” with only your domain name.
  • Contact information. The object of having an FGBMFI website is to inform people of what God is doing. To bring Glory to God! What does it mean to bring glory to God. Simply that we make God Famous. Just imagine 9,000 chapters of FGBMFI listed on the Internet! Imagine 160 National Chapter Websites. That makes God famous and that brings Glory to God. Having a contact information, brings men to your chapter of FGBMFI!
  • To Bring Men Back To God!

Step One

Step One is easy… We know that God has inspired you to do this, that is why you are reading this… So God is with you. Each time you work on your FGBMFI website, PRAY! Hey, all the people who work on this site pray about this work and are praying for you also. So do your part and really pray.

So here is step one.


Decide, are you a National Chapter or a Local Chapter?

Choose your Domain Name. In our example, I am going to build a website for a Ladies of the Fellowship site in a fictional place called PercTown, Philippines. The country code for the Philippines is “ph” so I combined PercTown, with the country code, and came up with…


You then write us, just leave a comment, requesting that perctown-ph be assigned to your chapter. If you are a National office, you may use just your country code. For example, for Canada, you could use ca.fgbmfi.net. Be sure to give us a good email address, as we will be writing back to you.

That is the end of step one, just choosing your domain name… perctown-ph.FGBMFI.net.

In Step Two we will register for a Blogger website, then in step three we will assign
PercTown-Ph.FGBMFI.Net to it!

Ladies of the Fellowship

The Ladies of the Fellowship can also have a website for their needs. Just add an “L-” in front of the country code… so in this case…


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