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December 2011
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Chapter Website How To Part 2

In FGBMFI FREE Chapter Website ~ How To Part 1, we got a custom domain name, perctown-ph.fgbmfi.net. Perctown, if you recall, was our city. Likewise ph stands for the country of the Philippines. One more thing I will add is because I am making a website for the Ladies of the Fellowship, I will add an “l-” before the ph. So my final domain is…


This address is unique in all the world.

This can be with or without capital letters and with or without the www. For example…

www.PercTown-L-Ph.FGBMFI.net is correct!
pErCtOwn-l-pH.fGbMfi.nEt is also correct!


To that domain name we need to add something like hosting. A place to put your information. For this we are going to use Blogger, also called BlogSpot. Don’t worry, by the time we are through people will be able to find you at:

www.PercTown-L-Ph.FGBMFI.Net So let’s move on to:

Step Two

We go to www.Blogger.com/

If you were logged into Gmail when you started, it allowed you to log-in with your Gmail user name and account.

Create Account

Screen Name, just a note about this, make it something respectful. This is the name that people will think of when reading your post, because every post will have this name on it. For my Ladies of the Fellowship website in PercTown, Ph, I chose “FGBMFI” as my screen name.

Name Blog

Now we will put in some naming information for our blogger blog…

Blog title

Your blog’s title will appear on your published blog, on your dashboard and in your profile.
PercTown Philippines FGBMFI Ladies

Blog address (URL)

The URL you select will be used by visitors to access your blog AT FIRST!


http:// PercTown-L-Ph .blogspot.com

When I clicked on “Check Availability”
I got a nice “This blog address is available.”

Choose Template

I plan to add a template later so I just clicked Continue.

Blog Created

Well, that is it for Step 2, the blog is created. I have done enough work for today so I signed out and I will come back later or tomorrow.

Right now you can see the title of your blog at:

In Step 3 we will set the domain name to www.PercTown-L-Ph.FGBMFI.Net

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