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December 2011
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FGBMFI FREE Chapter Website ~ How To Part 3

In Part 2 we set up the site on Blogger.com.  If you remember it is at PercTown-L-Ph.blogspot.com .  Now we will put the site at:


Because this is for the Ladies of the Fellowship.  For the FGBMFI men it would be:




To get a better rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) we also want to make sure that all pages use the www!  In other words, if someone does not use the www we will automatically redirect them to the www page.


If you are logged into your gmail account, just go to blogger.com and it will automatically log you in!  Or go to blogger.com and log in, either way.

Once you are logged in you will be given a list of blogs (some people will have a list of only one site!).  Click on the title of your blog, I clicked PercTown Philippines FGBMFI Ladies.


On the left is a navigation bar, at the bottom it says “Settings” next to a wrench (I am looking at the new white blogger interface).

  • Click on Settings.

Publishing => Blog Address => + Add a custom domain Point your own registered domain to your blog.

  • Click on Add a custom domain

Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings

  • Click on Switch to advanced settings

Advanced settings => http://

  • Type your domain name in the box… http:// I typed…
  • www.perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net
  • Click Save


Publishing => Blog Address => www.perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net => Edit

  • Click Edit


Right under where you last put www.perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net it says redirect…  Mine says…

Redirect perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net to www.perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net.

  • Click the Check Box


  • Click Save


At the top of your screen…

  • Click View Blog


You should now be able to view you blog on the right FGBMFI address.  IF you cannot, it may take 24 hours for the settings to be seen world wide…

If after one day this does not work, contact us for advice.

That’s It, you now have a working FGBMFI.Net website.  Next we will start adding your content and we will look at a better styling.


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