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March 2012
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Beautiful FGBMFI Websites At Blogger.Com

We want our Chapters to all have beautiful Business Men like websites.  The below was posted in response to a brother from General Santos, Philippines.  However, it applies to all FGBMFI Chapters building their own websites.

The original comment is at the bottom of this post:

FREE! Get An FGBMFI Chapter Website!


Hello my Brother Win!

Greetings from the Queen City of the South!

I love you Brothers down in Gen San (that is General Santos City for those outside the Philippines!) I took a look at your Website, would you mind if I made a few suggestions?


First I would suggest you change your Domain Name:
You can get this FREE on the same account you have. So that no one gets lost, just forward your traffic from…

We would be glad to teach you how!


I will be glad to show you how to use this FGBMFI Domain Name for chapter email also… Just picture it…


You cannot use in your email address! They do not allow it!


I would also suggest you Add some Pages (static pages, not blog posts). Take a look at this demo site:

Forget the colors for a minute and just look at the layout. At the top click on the Officers page, or CLICK HERE!

You need a page like this that you update once a year with your officers list and contacts. Now take a look at:

  • Mission
  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • History
  • Doctrine

And don’t forget…

  • FGBMFI (give us a front page link back to FGBMFI.Net and we will link you into the world!)
  • Officers
  • Contacts
  • Links
  • Events

These pages do not change a lot, but they are important for your site.


Your Favicon (Favorite Icon) is a big Orange “B” for Blogger! Now look at Lan City (also a blogger site). It has the FGBMFI LOGO for a Favicon. I can help you do this with your site.

Big Blue Blogger Bar

Take a look at you site page now… Your theme has the Big Blue Blogger Bar “B4!” “B4″ you see anything else, you see the B4 or 4 B’s! The Big Blue Blogger Bar (hey – sometimes it is Orange!). It is at the top with the big Orange “B” promoting blogger.

Let’s do our best for our Lord Jesus the Christ…

Take a look at a site I just started work on for Olongapo!

Wow! No ugly Big Blue Blogger Bar!

As I said, I just started this, but picture if those were photos of your city and your chapter! I’ll soon be adding the page links to that top white bar!

Based on the same thing you are using, you could have…

  • for your website ~ FREE!
  • (anything) ~ FREE!
  • FGBMFI Logo for your Favicon ~ FREE!
  • Static Pages for Officers, Contacts, Events and Links – ALL FREE!
  • A Beautiful Professional FGBMFI Layout any Business would like – FREE!
  • NO Big Blue Blogger Bar! ~ FREE!

No more cheap and ugly B4 Blogger Blog!

This can be your Gen San Chapter Website, the cost is the same! Free! If you would like my help, let me know!

Let’s serve the Lord, Together, with Gladness! Let’s make an FGBMFI Chapter Website for EVERY chapter in the Philippines!

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