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March 2012
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Naming Your FGBMFI Website!

The Following was in reply to an Email.  We felt it was valuable enough to share it here!


Greetings in the Name of our Lord!

Thank you my Brother for writing us. We now are working on a new design, you can see it at:

This is a blogger design and we hope to make a cookie cutter site like the old one we built at:

Lan City is a fake place (I am Lan)! However, Olongapo, Philippines is a real place and this is a real chapter website under construction. Olongapo currently hosts the Philippine National Chapter President. We have two National Chapter Sites under construction, the Philippines and Peru. Coming soon…


The naming structure, that was agreed upon, is as such:

National Chapters:

Non-USA Chapters:

USA Chapters:

Ladies of the Fellowship Chapters:

<anything> is chosen by the Chapter to represent them.
xx is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 – Two-Letter Country Code
ss is the FIPS PUB 5-2 – FIPS State Alpha Code
L just before the country code is for the Ladies Fellowship

MN = Mongolia

The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 “MN” is reserved for Mongolia

<anything> is reserved for a “NorthMpls” FGBMFI Chapter in Mongolia.

MNus = Minnesota, USA

All chapters in Minnesota, USA will have the format:


Such as:

Which is what I am thinking you are looking for?

WWW and Case

All domains are case insensitive and are, in fact, converted to lower case before routing…

  • nORTHmPLSmnUS.fgbmfi.NET

Can be used interchangeably (use on business cards and letterhead as desired!).

We establish all accounts to work with or without the “www.” These can be used interchangeably (use on business cards and letterhead as desired!).



We generally recommend the Google Mail Server in which case the DOMAIN NAME is case insensitive. The domain name is on the right side of the @ symbol. Google allows optional periods (.) within the USERNAME (left of the @ symbol). Therefore all the email addresses below (on the Google system) would be equal, and work the same. (Again, use on business cards and letterhead as desired!).


Frankly, we have put together the best FREE services in the world so that every chapter can have a website without cost. The reason we do this is to help others contact you so that you share the gospel with them! (Or WITH them!)

We are working on easy set ups. With better instructions.


We can set up a basic site…

Currently, we can set up a basic site, which you can then change the photos and wordings on. The two sites at the top of this email are both hosted on Google

Or you can set up your own site!

The domain name is completely flexible so you can set it to be use on any hosting in the world, for any chapter with greater needs and a budget to go with it!

To Start With…

I have set up:


To point to Blogger Hosting.

Love, Patience and Understanding

Like most things at FGBMFI – this ministry was commissioned by God and no one gets paid. We try our best to respond to every email or posting withing One WEEK! The Team currently includes six people, four of them are students from age 10-19. We are blessed with the 19 year old who is a second year college student studying Internet Technology! Two of them are busy Internet business people.

The point being we cannot answer questions within 3 minutes! However, after the initial set up (I would plan on that taking a between 2 weeks and a month). Then ALL the changes are made at the local chapter level and can be updated as often as you like!

We Do Answer All Questions!


Do you want us to set up a basic website?

I will try to check email for your reply tomorrow, and set this up if you do.

Thank you Brother for writing, we appreciate the chance to serve you.

Serving the Lord Together,

PS Will you be the WebServant for this Chapter?


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