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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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March 2012
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Welcome to WWW!

World Wide Worship!

We have a number of ongoing projects… Websites for National and Local Chapters from the Philippines to Peru to chapters in the USA.

We have projects like building an invitation only program for an FGBMFI Interactive Community!

We find new FGBMFI websites on the Internet often also.

Therefore we have added two new features…

What’s New At FGBMFI?

What’s New?

Here we will have a list of on going projects, as well as links to new FGBMFI Chapters that are not yet in our FGBMFI Links System.

You can find the link on our main menu – just about the middle of the page at the bottom of the header.

World Wide Worship


We call it WWW or World Wide Worship! Frankly it is where new projects will be announced, new links will be listed first and basically we will try to post something if it is about FGBMFI and it is on the Internet!

You can find the categories on the upper part of the page on the right. WWW is about top center!

Email to Good to Ignore!


We added another Category we call Mailbag. Mailbag is where you can read some Selected Email we thought may be helpful for more people – or may be a Frequently Asked Question…

Many Blessings

We hope you enjoy the new features. Be sure to tell us about any FGBMFI Chapter who needs a free Website!

Likewise, tell us about any FGBMFI Website that needs to be added to our Link System.

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