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March 2012
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Why Your FGBMFI Chapter Needs a FREE Website?

I think the answer to that question is obvious.  Yet, the majority of FGBMFI Chapters in any country does not have a website.  So here are some really good reasons for having an FGBMFI Chapter Website.

Where Are You?

  1. Minnesota
  2. Siquijor
  3. Iligan
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. United Arab Emirates
  6. Kenya
  7. Thailand

What do these seven nations have in common besides that they are spread out all over the world?  Well, someone in that nation asked me in the last 24 hours to help me locate an FGBMFI Chapter there!  They want to meet with FGBMFI for fellowship.

We are the largest FGBMFI website on the Internet and so daily people ask us to help them find YOU!

We will build you a quality FGBMFI Chapter Website for FREE!  It takes no more skill than you are using reading this post or sending an email!

Share The Gospel With Me?

I received and email asking “Would you share the gospel with me if I sent you an airplane ticket?”  He said he wanted to have an FGBMFI chapter started in his location, but he did not tell me where he was in the world!  Since I pour about everything I have in this ministry, it is not unusual for someone to help with a ticket or a hotel.  So I wrote back and asked where he was, and told him that maybe there were people near him who could help him start a chapter.

When he wrote back, he seemed puzzled why I made that suggestion.  He wanted to have explained to him the Six Steps to Salvation! Praise the Lord, what he really wanted was to meet the Lord.  He wanted me to share the gospel with him, not With him!

Does your FGBMFI Chapter website help people come to know the Lord?  Not if you do not have one!  We will help you build one that won’t cost you any money at all!

Sending People to Hell

I have led a number of people to the Lord via email.  Others make a decision and then write to say they followed our online instructions in the Six Steps to Salvation.  Most of these people say they have looked on the Internet for an FGBMFI chapter near them, but they could find none.  Are you Near Them?  Are they wanting you to share the gospel with them?

Remember, we build FGBMFI Chapter Websites For FREE!

I Just Moved! I miss the Fellowship!

I receive these kinds of emails all the time.  Someone on the opposite side of the world moved into the house right next door to YOU!  Or down the block, or even on the opposite side of town.  Anyway, they were very active in FGBMFI before they moved across country, and they really miss, and even need the Fellowship.  All they want is to know where to show up, and they will gladly join your chapter!

Sadly, they have search the Internet for hours and hours and all they found was me.  I happen to be on the exact opposite of the Earth.  Twelve Time Zones away from both of you because you live a block apart and work in the same building.  In fact, if you knew him, you would car pool to work and save some money!  But he can’t find your chapter because you have no FREE FGBMFI Chapter Website.  Did I forget to mention it is FREE!

Now I have been doing this Internet thing for 40 years!  Believe me, I have worked on the Internet since the day it was invented – I was there!  So I really do know what I am talking about, and Your FGBMFI Chapter NEEDS a Website!  We will give you a Website for FREE, and get you started on easy steps to add your Chapter Information.  No harder than Email!

Just Visiting!

As a business man, I sometimes needed to travel on Business.  My friend has family scattered all over the world.  People like to go on vacation.  Does any of that sound normal to you?  Well one of the things I loved doing was to stop and visit another FGBMFI Chapter!  Hey, they are always looking for people to speak!

Often I would not only speak at the Chapter, but one of the member would “adopt” be for my short stay.  I would have wonderful fellowship with their family, in their home, and sometimes with their Church or Home fellowship.  Not to mention home cooked meals too!

No Message For You!

God may have inspired me to go to your town during your next meeting, to encourage the FGBMFI brothers there… But without a Website, I would just ignore that prompting.  Why?  Because I cannot find you! Who knows, maybe someone in you Chapter needs to hear how God protected me during an airplane crash!  Or how God healed me by a miracle after a serious fall in the mountains of California.  A miracle so sure that even my atheistic doctor could not deny it!  All he could says was, “You obviously don’t need my services any longer!”

Your chapter would miss out on hearing how I was nearly blind, being led everywhere I went.  The doctors said there was nothing I could do.  How I was out visiting an FGBMFI chapter in a distant city when God spoke to one of the Brothers there. – That regardless of what was said before, I was not supposed to be blind!  So he stopped the meeting and everyone prayed.  I had worn glasses since my youth, but because of that Divine Appointment, I no longer need them!

Your chapter, my brother, may be missing plenty, not just from me but from thousands of men in chapters all over the world.  Why?  Because your chapter does not have a FREE Chapter Website!

Paid In Full!

It is not cheap to do this, but it is FREE!  You do not have to pay anything – the price was paid on the Cross!  We are your servants.  We want to help your FGBMFI Chapter!

Take a look at the Olongapo Chapter we are now building!  Where is your chapter Website?

We Believe!

We believe that being on the Internet is the most important thing an FGBMFI Chapter can do – until it is done.

Just Contact us and we will help you and your Chapter!



2 comments to Why Your FGBMFI Chapter Needs a FREE Website?

  • Michael Grannum

    I am pleased that you are offering free websites for the FGBMFI Chapters. This investment in the Kingdom work is vital and timely to the followship as we seek to reach the nations with the gospel.

    Please help us in the Barbados Chapter with our website.

    In His Service

    Michael N Grannum
    Vice President
    FGBMFI Barbados Chapter

    • aLan Tait

      Hello Michael! May the Lord continue to bless the brothers in Barbados!

      http://bb.fgbmfi.net/ is reserved for National chapter of Barbados. If yours is not the national chapter, we can still supply you with a chapter website. We will try to get in touch with you within the next few days…

      God Bless and keep active!

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