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March 2012
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Set Up an FGBMFI Chapter Website!

Hello Brother Leslie,

If it is for an FGBMFI Chapter, the price was paid on the cross!

We do this every day for no money at allwe pay so you will be a blessing to others.

Here is a website we recently set up for the FGBMFI Chapter in Olongapo, Philippines.  In three days they went from nothing to this!  Now they will be adding their stories and photos.

Search Google for “FGBMFI Olongapo” and they will be on the first page of results.

This link below will take you to a demo site that will give you an idea of what you can do with your site by adding your own photos and stories.

This next link is where I am writing articles to help FGBMFI Chapters who have very limited funds, and few skills, so they can have a high quality website.

Here are the requirements:

You must be born-again (ok, that is my little serious joke!)

1) You need the skill it takes to surf the Internet (like you did when you sent this), and to fill up forms (like you did when you sent this).  Having the skill to send email via or some other public service is also very helpful (which you already have).

No other skill is required.

We will teach you in easy steps everything else.  see some instructions at:


2) Cost: Zero

I get more emails about this than anything else!  There is NO COST to you or your chapter, other than the time it takes to add your chapter information.  We expect NO MONEY!  As many times as I say this, people will ask me again and again how much does it cost.  So here is the price…

I would suggest you pray for me and sister Percy daily!  But even that is optional!


3) You must tell us the chapter you belong to.  Usually this is the City and Country.  If your chapter is in America, it is City State and Country.

4) You must choose the first part of your address.
  The address is made up of your country, and a part chosen by your chapter.  Here are some examples. The bold part is fixed, the other part you may choose.

FGBMFI North Minneapolis MN US

Baning California US

Olongapo, Philippines


5) You must have the approval of your chapter leadership.  Either appointed or elected as your Chapter WebServant
You need to be a member in good standing of any FGBMFI Chapter associated with FGBMFI International.
(Note: We have resources for some other Christian Ministries also, but FGBMFI.Net is required to be associated to FGBMFI International.)


6) We request you write a One13 Letter to publish on the Internet.  This is a five minute salvation testimony, we will soon have online instructions.  This can be done After your website is online.  Basically the format is Non-Religious words, One minute before you received the Lord, 1 minute the events how you received the Lord, and 3 minutes how God is working in your life since then.  It will be published on


7) Tell other chapters about your website!  After we get your FGBMFI Chapter Website up and running, we request you contact two or three other chapters, who have no website, and “Pay it Forward” by telling them how you got a website for free, and how easy it was to learn to update it!

So let us help you… start with where you are?

God Bless,

Bro Lan Tait


On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 12:58 AM, Leslie Williams <<snip>> wrote:

Leslie Williams (<snip>

TO: I have a Suggestion!
Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 12:58 pm [EST]

We will like to set up our own webpage.
Our budget is low/

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