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March 2012
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Kupang Indonesia Builds A Website!

Greeting fellow FGBMFI Brothers in Christ Jesus!

Great news from Brother Bayu Budiarso in Kupang, Indonesia!  He will be setting up a Chapter website for the Kupang FGBMFI Chapter that he attends there.  Then he plans to help the seven other chapters in his province to build FGBMFI Chapter Websites.  Finally Bro. Bayu will be our PointMan to help teach WebServants throughout Indonesia.  He is a true missionary in the Undiscovered Country (the Internet!)


Praise the Lord My Brother Bayu!

I will start building the www.KupangID.FGBMFI.net site today.  There are a number of steps.


Step 1 ~ If you view your chosen site right now (as I write) you will see a “for sale” sign.  That just means you have reached one of our servers, we do not sell any fgbmfi. domain names at any price.  FGBMFI names are reserved for FGBMFI only.


Step 2 ~ Today I will add the KupangID.FGBMFI.net domain name to our Domain Name Service (DNS), marking it for use.  This can (worst case) take up to 96 hours to reach the farthest points on the globe.  With our high speed connection, we usually see results in 3-12 hours.  At that point you will see Google’s 404 Not Found Page on your site.


Step 3 ~ We will then start building the account.  As with a good building, it takes some time to set a sturdy foundation.  We want Search Engines to pick up the site, and give it a high rank, in this case our target is the three keywords “FGBMFI”, “Kupang” and “Indonesia” (or “ID”).  A Google search for FGBMFI Kupang Indonesia, FGBMFI Kupang ID, Kupang Indonesia FGBMFI, or Kupang ID FGBMFI should all return this site, Your FGBMFI Site, on the first page of results.  These are the most natural ways for people to search for you.

At this point, the site will begin to look like an English FGBMFI site – in the future perhaps you will give us Indonesia pages to pre-load.

Note: We have noticed that a number of our sites are rating in the #1 position even for FGBMFI City (example, FGBMFI Kupang).


Step 4 ~ POSTs

Each site will have site PAGEs and blog POSTs.  The Blog POST are usually event related, for example, people who received the Lord, or members who had babies, or were married, or graduated to heaven.  The majority of your post will be about coming meetings, and events that are less than 3 months away.  We will put only one English welcome as a sample that you may edit or replace.


Step 5 ~ PAGEs

Each site may have up to 20 PAGEs.  PAGEs are things which you do not expect to change very often.  These would be like a list of Officers and Members and contact information for each of the officers (a cell phone?).  Or a more detailed information for a chapter contact page.  Include things like: phone, fax, postal address, prayer request form, and email form (please do not list email addresses on your pages – spammers will grab these! – I will teach you how to make a contact form).

You may want to have a major Event PAGE.  To list Regional, National and International Conventions, Summits and Air Lifts.  These are usually known for more than 2-3 months in advance.

Most of the rest of the pages will be about FGBMFI (we provide 10 PAGEs in English for samples – if you provide the pages in Indonesia, we will pre-load these in future sites).  The other 10 PAGEs can be used, or not, as the chapter needs.  PAGEs should be meaningful.

You can change the side link PAGE titles (names) while editing the PAGEs.  We request you do not change the PAGE URL’s for the OFFICER and CONTACT pages.  You can change what is shown to people on the link without changing the URL.  We are now using a program to link to all officer and contact pages, so if you change the URL your chapter will not be listed!


Step  6 ~ TOP Link Names are a little more difficult to change, but still very easy.  We request you maintain a link to the Indonesia National Chapter Website and a Link to FGBMFI.Net – this will help with YOUR websites placement on Google, Bing and others.  We will help you learn how to change these into your own language.


Step 7 ~ Learning your job!  Private Instructions, Publicly Available!  On my private I have a Category called BlogSpot:


These post are about using the BlogSpot interface, and most are examples directly from FGBMFI email.  I am sure they will be helpful to you.


Step 8 ~ The “last” step:  Our new standard practice is to ADD you as an Admin user, allowing you to make ALL changes.  Our account will stay on as an alternate Admin, to be able to help you.  At anytime, you can remove our account.  Basically when you feel you do not need our assistance any longer.  If needed, you can add us back at a future date.  Most of the American sites just leave our account.  However, that is completely up to the chapter.  I am not sure of the value of leaving the account when it comes to chapters in Japan, Indonesia and Peru!


Step 9 ~ PointMen and WebServants: Each Chapter should have a WebServant, either appointed by the officers, or elected by the members.  Often the WebServant is actually one of the officers themselves, but that is not a requirement.  They are in charge of maintaining their own chapter’s website. We believe they should do this at least weekly.  (Example, posting the next meeting announcements and who the main speaker will be.)  However, we need some members to go beyond WebServant and become PointMen!

We are currently setting up PointMen“!  PointMen are first WebServants.  We want one or more in every Nation and State in the USA.  Also for each language within a Nation with more than one language.  The PointMen well be sort of a WebServant’s WebServant.

The PointMen will help other chapters set up there website in the same way they set up theirs.  The PointMen are the Shepard/Teachers of the Internet Ministry!  The Apostles of the Undiscovered Country (the Internet or Cyber Space!)

We plan to set up a page of PointMen around the world, so that chapters can know who to contact locally, and in their own language, to receive help.  We plan to have a PointMen and WebServants mailing list to give encouragement to the men doing this very important work.

As of December 31, 2011, 32.7% of the World’s population are logging into the Internet.  This number grows larger every day.  Cyber Space is the Undiscovered Country for missionary work.  We are happy, to be your partner, in bringing the Gospel to that Undiscovered Country!

I will be in touch!




On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 11:20 PM, FGBMFI-NTT <<snip>@gmail.com> wrote:

Shalom brother Lan
Thank you for your very detailed explanation.
Yes, fgbmen.wordpress.com also not my favorite domain name. I am very interested in domain names that you propose, for the start, if possible, I want to use kupangid.fgbmfi.net for the chapter where I come from. After that, I will inform to my friends from other chapters to do the same, if necessary, I can help them to start and train them to add their own content.
Looking forward to hear from you, about how to manage kupangid.fgbmfi.net
God Bless you, brother Lan
PS: I will complete the phone/fax number, email or how to visit the chapter and other informations later on KupangID.fgbmfi.net domain.

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