FGBMFI Prayer Requests 2012 08 - August


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August 2012
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FGBMFI Prayer Requests 2012 08 - August

This page on FGBMFI is intended for you to post your sincere prayer requests, for the month of August 2012.

We at the FGBMFI Network pray daily for every Prayer Request that is listed.

So you can be sure people are praying for you!  Many people have a ministry of prayer and monitor our pray page.

  • We suggest that when you add your prayer request, you will commit to praying for one or more others on this list.  It is easy, jut print a note on a 3×5 index card (low tech so everyone can do it), or put a lunch time reminder in your phone or organizer, and include the requests you have decided to pray for.
  • If the Lord speaks to you a word of encouragement, come back and post it here.
  • If God tells you to help someone in some way, you can contact us and we will help you get in touch with them, if possible.

Please Read the Prayer Request Guidelines BEFORE Posting.

List your prayer request in the comment section below…

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