FGBMFI Network is Alive! FGBMFI Network Restoration!


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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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August 2012
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FGBMFI Network is Alive!

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

It is me Bro. Lan, and I am alive and well!  Many of you no doubt have been praying for me and I really thank you for that.  Although weak, I am growing stronger every day.  You can read what happen to me at:

Raised From the Dead – FGBMFI Answer to Prayer

As well as the trouble our network was (past tense!) having at:


Although still weak, I have been working from my bedside at home to restore our FGBMFI Network.  I say “OUR” because although this network is a Labor of Love, many FGBMFI’ers from around the world are involved.  Even FGBMFI Network News readers from 139 Countries – and that is official!


I can now report that ALL FGBMFI websites, except one in Kupang Indonesia, are all returned to the Status they were before!  Praise the Lord.  We are expecting Kupang to be up and running soon!  We now have an FGBMFI Network Status Page for Domains withing our system.  Feel free to take a look!  There are currently 275 FGBMFI domain names in our system, and we plan to expand that!


I have seen how fragile life is.  Therefore I am now beginning to train my replacement.  According to doctors, now that they know what is wrong with me, I may only live another 20 or 30 or 50 years!  Praise God for that news!  In the name of the Son, Amen!


While I was so ill, I found it inspiring to hear of other healing and miracles.  So we have decided to expand these sections, and add a monthly Prayer Request Page.  I personally, along with the FNN Team (FGBMFI Network News Team), will be praying Daily for each of the prayer request submitted!  So you should expect Miracles and Healing and to see the hand of God in your lives, just as God has been working in my life too.


I have decided to push the new FGBMFI Network Forum to the TOP of the Priority list, now that the sites are restored.  This is for FGBMFI Members Only!  That is, you have to be a member of FGBMFI Network!  To join, you need to be invited by another member.  If you cannot find a member who will invite you, then I will build a place where you can send your One13 Letter (5 minute salvation testimony), I will publish it and send you an invitation!  Ladies of the Fellowship, you can join the Forum also!

Ladies of the Fellowship Websites

Every FGBMFI Chapter who had an FGBMFI Network Chapter Website can also have a Ladies of the Fellowship Chapter Website for the Ladies to use.  For example, is your chapter is:

DumagueteLph.FGBMFI.Net is reserved and available for the Ladies of the Fellowship in Dumaguete City, Philippines!

We believe the Ladies of the Fellowship is a growing force and we want them to be able to have their own website for their own concerns!


Currently we are only using the oldest FGBMFI.Net websites.  We want your opinion on what should be posted on FGBMFI.Biz and FGBMFI.Co.

We pictured FGBMFI.Biz as perhaps a for the Businesses of FGBMFI’er, more than a directory, but a way your business can identify with the work of the Lord FGBMFI is doing.

Likewise, we pictured FGBMFI.Co as being for Coaching – or Mentoring.  Men need FGBMFI Mentoring to be a success in life.

Co for Coaching and Biz for Business, but we need your ideas of what way you would like to see these developed.

FGBMFI No WWW Movement

The www. in a website is just a waste.  A waste of time, effort, space, and anything else we can think of.  So, as of this rebuild and modernization we will no longer use the www. for our domain names.

The no www. movement is gaining moment and it is because business men, like FGBMFI’er do not like wastes.  Who does.  That is why www.CNN.com was changed to CNN.COM!  No need for the www!

In the old days, there was a need, most of the Internet then was not used for the World Wide Web or browsing.  But today is a different story.  Port 80, also called http: is now the default protocol on the Internet and is used the majority of the time.  Every browser in the world now defaults to this protocol, making the www. of no use and just a waste of everybody’s valuable resources.

But do not worry if your calling cards say www on them, or even if you think it looks better on calling cards and letter head to put the www.  So do I.  Therefore, All our domains now default at the speed of light to the non www version.  If you type in www.fgbmfi.net it will take you in a flash to fgbmfi.net without you even noticing the address change!  Praise the Lord!

All of the domain names in our whole system (not only FGBMFI.Net, but about 24,000 domains) have been converted in our upgrade – so now FGBMFI has the very best!

Extra New Features

There are a number of new features being knocked around.  For example, private business FGBMFI websites for Members.  Just picture a private blog type website (like the chapter sites, but one site for each member!).  On this site you talk about your business and how God is helping you in you business!  Glorify God in everything!

Writing For FGBMFI

Did God put some message on your heart for FGBMFI?  Send it to us and we may put it online!  Contributed articles will be read and if we believe they are helpful to other FGBMFI’ers, we will publish them as a guest post!  Be sure to include your name and what FGBMFI chapter you belong to!


We are very open to suggestions.  So give us yours.  When we have the new FGBMFI Forum, there will be a whole section just for member’s suggestions.  We are here to serve you and help you to serve the Lord.

The Future is Bright

We serve the Bright and Morning Star!  The Future of FGBMFI Network is good and we want to hear from you!

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