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Raised From the Dead - Answer to Prayer

If you read, URGENT FGBMFI PRAYER REQUEST, you know how the forces of darkness had attacked this website.  Many of you added us to your prayer list.  But the devil was not through.  Just after that post, Bro. Lan collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.  Initial blood work showed nothing out of the normal range.

The doctor, a good friend and brother in the Lord, told me (Sis. Percy), “I don’t know why, but Lan is dying.”  A call went out for prayer.  Bro. Lan had undertaken to restore all FGBMFI websites as soon as possible, but was in a state where it was impossible for him to move or think.  Everything, good or bad, was put on hold.  God seemed to be taking Bro. Lan, but no one believed it was his time to die.  Nonetheless, the end was obviously near.  To some in the hospital, Lan was already dead.

Test are OK, but Lan is Dying

Every medical test that was given, the results were within the normal range.  We believe this is because of Lan’s love of the Bible, “The first chapter of the Bible” Lan would say, “is the most important.  It shows the design of God.  It shows us how we ought to be living.” Lan points out that Genesis chapter one is all about God and what God does, where the next two chapters is about how God interacts with people.  His deep respect of God’s design brought him a healthy New Liphe (New Life Lifestyle) it has healed thousands of people from Type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease, Gout, High Blood Pressure, and even some cancers have gone into remission following the plan that is in the Original Hebrew scriptures of the Bible, in just the first couple chapters.

This is why his medical tests were good, but did not explain his condition.  Even considering how he had adapted the New Life Program to add a focus on the Biblical Vegarian (eating seed plants for Fyuel / Food, NOT Vegetarian or Vegan), and for what man has done to our environment and food chain.  The problem was something not so obvious.

God’s Messenger

Sometimes the unexpected person is the real messenger of God.  An old time, retired family doctor happen to state that sometime test were normal even if the problem was still there, and you had to treat the symptoms instead of looking at the test results.  We started to look at what were Lan’s symptoms suggesting.

We know that Lan had suffered in life for a number of autoimmune disease, including being born with Celiac Disease.  When Lan started having a God First Design plan, eating from the Bible had cleared him of the symptoms of his Celiac, including most of his acid reflux, heart burn or GERD.  We had thought that was due to too much acid, but in most people it is two little.  Betaine Hydrochloride, stomach acid, was prescribed with meals and it showed the first improvement.

Low Stomach Acid / Low Thyroid

Lan had symptoms of hypothyroidism, things like painfully cold legs and feet.  Low Stomach Acid was one of the connected symptoms to hypothyroidism.  However, thyroid tests were on the low side of normal.  Iodine levels, however, were almost non existent.  It was decided to try an old remedy, Lugol’s solution (5% Iodine, 10% potassium iodide, in distilled water), it is an iodine solution used in labs.  100 years ago 2 drops a day were prescribed to keep a person healthy.  We started Lan on 4 drops, within a couple days you could see marked improvement.  We now fill a size 00 gel capsule full, about 13 drops.  The capsule makes it easier to swallow and leaves no bad taste in his mouth.  We found out that most people are low on iodine.

Flat Blood

With the success being seen in treating Lan for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD – low stomach acid) and hypothyroidism (iodine deficiency), it was suggested that remaining symptoms presented as pernicious anemia.  Red blood counts remained normal, and B12 blood test were also normal, based on the older American and Philippines standards.  However, Europe, Australia and Japan all have recently raised the B12 levels.  Japan is the highest and has done the most research.

Lan refused the Schilling test, because it involves drinking radioactive vitamin B12!  So instead, they gave him 50,000 times (5,000,000% – 5 million percent) the normal daily B12 orally (methylcobalanin) for each of three days and monitored his urine – not even a trace of increase!  His body is not absorbing Vitamin B12 from his food.  However, following a new protocol, he was given 500mcg injection SQ of Mecobalamin (one type of injection B12).  None was detected in his urine for a couple days, meaning his body absorbed every bit of it like a sponge.  To reduce cost (Mecobalamin is considerably more expensive), Lan now takes two injections per week of Mecobalamin for nerve damage and on other days a daily injection of a combination Hydroxocobalamin and Cynocobalamin. It would be better to take the Mecobalamin every other day, the doctors say, but the cost would be about US$150 a month and Lan does not want to slow down the ministry work.

As B12 stores build up in his system, this schedule will be gradually reduced to one or possibly two injections per month for maintenance, so maybe then it can be 100% Mecobalamin.

Restoring Health

Due to muscle wasting, Bro Lan is still very weak, but anyone can see that Lan is back from the dead! Praise the Lord!  God answers prayer!  He has started to work on the FGBMFI sites, to repair the damage that was cause / suffered during Satan’s attack.  However, as Lan says, we server a God who is more powerful!  Satan was able to delay Paul in the Bible, and surely he has delayed us, but God will not allow us to be stopped!

Prayer, Healing and Miracles!

The Lord spoke to Bro Lan while he was sick and told him we need to make the Prayer, Healing and Miracles categories more visible.  So therefore, at the top of ever FGBMFI  page (right side) you will plainly see the Miracles and Prayer category links.  If you point at Prayer, you will see Healing appear.

We will have a monthly Prayer Request Page listed, so you can Add Your Prayer Request.  Brother Lan is a man of prayer and he, and the FGBMFI Network team will be personally praying for you and your needs, Daily!  Likewise, Healing and Miracle links will be used to post your Answers to Prayer!

Working FGBMFI Websites

Brother Lan is spending all of his remaining waking hours working on fixing all the FGBMFI websites.  Restoring them to how they were before the DNS crash.  He created a new FGBMFI Working Domains status page.  One by one he is testing and fixing each of the 275 listed FGBMFI domains.  These include both working domains, redirects, imbedded FGBMFI sites, and even place holders.  Each one must be tested and fixed individually to be certain it is working correctly.  Notes are placed as to the status of each FGBMFI website on the FGBMFI Working Domains status page.


If you domain is not working, please leave a message in the comments below and Brother Lan will put it on the priority list, he will contact you at the email address your leave (not public) as soon as possible.  And will work out the problems with your site on a case by case manner until you are happy that things are restored.

Continue in Prayer

Please Continue in Prayer for Bro. Lan’s FULL recovery.  Likewise please pray daily for the FGBMFI Network.  We plan to add new features like FGBMFI Network News and a private FGBMFI Forum for Members Only – By Invitation Only!  (However, you may request an Invitation!)  We are hoping to establish our own FGBMFI DNS Server complex to allow us to continue to grow, we hope you will put this on your prayer list.

Thank You and God Bless You,

The FNN Team
FGBMFI Network News

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