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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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August 2018
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Spiritual Fruit - Spiritual Mind

Check Your Spiritual Fruit, is it Kind? Kindness is Twice a part of the Fruit of the Spirit! It is Better to be Kind, than to be Right. […]

Security Apology!

We, again, have been attacked by the forces of the evil one. As some of you may have noticed, the links page was listed as “Forbidden!” Well, in the last couple days, we have been adding security features! This is making FGBMFI.Net more secure from the Prince of evil and his players.



Publish Your FGBMFI Events

At the top-right corner of every FGBMFI Networking Page is an active link to EVENTS. This link will give you a listing of all FGBMFI National and International Events in our database, from the oldest at the bottom to the newest at the top.

To add a post, just send us your information. You can […]

Oops! The Links Plugin is Now Fixed!

The FGBMFI Links plug in, that automatically allows you to put links onto your website, is working again. If you want to see it in action, take a look at the FGBMFI Lan City Philippines ~ Contact Us page!

Actually, I do not think most people even noticed the error. It only showed up while […]

The Lan City Story

Welcome to Lan City, Philippines!

No matter where you are in the world, if you are in FGBMFI this website is for you!

If you want to see, just click FGBMFI Lan City Philippines and check out who our FGBMFI Chapter Officers and Members are. I am pretty sure you will know some of them, […]

Linking To FGBMFI.Net

Today in the Post God Does Miracles in Denmark and Pennsylvania we told of the amazing things God is doing at FGBMFI.Net. We also unveiled a new link you can add to your website… so here is what to do…


Miracles in Denmark and Pennsylvania

My mother, God rest her soul, would say “Today is a red letter day!” It was just her way of saying something good happened. Extra good. Well, today FGBMFI members all over the world made me smile that I am being successful as serving your needs.

We are your servants. We exist to help you […]

FGBMFI Links For Your Site

Here is the dream FGBMFI Links Page we are developing for you. For YOUR FGBMFI Website. As a service to you, we are developing an FGBMFI Links page you can easily add to your website with just a few lines of code! Here are a few features:

Many Languages! We currently have three languages to […]

Building a Chapter Website!

We will provide Every FGBMFI Chapter in the World a FREE Website, just ask and you will receive! […]

FREE! Get An FGBMFI Chapter Website!

FREE! Get An FGBMFI Chapter Website! This is easy to build, no cost and gets your FGBMFI chapter on the Internet with your own custom website… All from FGBMFI.Net! What are you waiting for? […]