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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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August 2018
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Publish Your FGBMFI Events

At the top-right corner of every FGBMFI Networking Page is an active link to EVENTS. This link will give you a listing of all FGBMFI National and International Events in our database, from the oldest at the bottom to the newest at the top.

To add a post, just send us your information. You can […]

FGBMFI In the Living Room

Yesterday I heard a remark from a godly brother. I have no doubt that God is moving in his life. Nonetheless, it was a disparaging remark about FGBMFI. I will not gossip about him, nor repeat most of what he said. However, in the middle of what this brother was saying, was a gem of […]

Shakarian Family (FGBMFI) History

Some people do not know that the Shakarian Family History and the FGBMFI History are meshed so closely it is impossible to separate.

FGBMFI Networking has just added the History of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.

You can find it on our ABOUT FGBMFI link in the main menu, of simply go directly […]

FGBMFI ~ Bi-Laws or God's Law?

You likely heard of the month long struggles between FGBMFI-Nigeria and the FGBMFI International Office. Likewise you may have heard this month about the abrupt changes in the FGBMFI-UK leadership. Perhaps you are wondering where we, FGBMFI.Net Working, stand on the issues. This post will express our views on the subject… […]

DREAM BIG! - We are promised Nations That We Never Knew

Just as in the Vision – thousands of men in the Ukraine are under spiritual bondage. We are calling for men and women – full of the Holy Spirit – full of the fire of God – full of business miracles – full of healing miracles – full of personal miracles – to come and join us. […]