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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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July 2018
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Richard Shakarian Meets The President of Nigeria

His Excellency then prayed the most beautiful prayer out of his heart. The only people in the room were, Vangie, our dear brother John Kennedy Opara, and an aide to the President. We all were so humbled and touched by the prayer of the President. It meant so much to me. […]

The Three Callings of FGBMFI

The future of FGBMFI is greater than anything that has ever come before. Jesus has promised that all of the power of God is with the last day harvesters. These harvesters that Jesus spoke of are the ordinary people called by God out of the cities into the golden harvest field of our Lord. […]

DREAM BIG! - We are promised Nations That We Never Knew

Just as in the Vision – thousands of men in the Ukraine are under spiritual bondage. We are calling for men and women – full of the Holy Spirit – full of the fire of God – full of business miracles – full of healing miracles – full of personal miracles – to come and join us. […]

Seven Things God Can Do For You!

It is time we started believing the I Shall’s and I Will’s God Proclaims! Psalm 91 lists Seven Things God Can (and Will!) Do For You! […]

Restoration - An Encouraging Word from Richard Shakarian

God said someone will notice His miracle in your life! About this time tomorrow, the prophet declared restoration, restoration! […]

Globally ~ His Banner Over Us Is Love!

It was divine love that gave Demos Shakarian the Vision, showing the love of Christ breaking the chains of bondage from millions of people. Love is the motivating force that brings “a better life in Christ.” […]

From Mud To Miracles

If you were doing miracles, would you start with dirt, or mud? Just imagine smearing mud in someones eyes, so they would receive a miracle? That is what Jesus did! […]

Do You Want To Be Used By God?

Come and be led by the Holy Spirit. Come up higher, beyond salvation, beyond the initial filling of the Holy Spirit, beyond refillings to birth pangs. The groaning of the Spirit over the vast harvest in the earth. […]

The Anointing in Russia

The 1,500 participants had read “The Happiest People on Earth” in Russian. They could relate to the story of my family and the persecution of the Armenian people. […]

Your Unlimited Measure!

PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM! God is working in many ways today and he is our source and supply. […]