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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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August 2018
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Kupang Indonesia Builds A Website!

Greeting fellow FGBMFI Brothers in Christ Jesus!

Great news from Brother Bayu Budiarso in Kupang, Indonesia! He will be setting up a Chapter website for the Kupang FGBMFI Chapter that he attends there. Then he plans to help the seven other chapters in his province to build FGBMFI Chapter Websites. Finally Bro. Bayu will be […]

Set Up an FGBMFI Chapter Website!

Set Up an FGBMFI Chapter Website! […]

Naming Your FGBMFI Website!

Naming Your FGBMFI Website! […]

FGBMFI Davao City, Philippines

Anyone looking for FGBMFI Davao City, Philippines should check out this link (there is some good inspiration there too!

Maryland, USA

Let’s Help Mike! He needs an FGBMFI Chapter in… Maryland, USA If you know of a chapter in Maryland, USA would you please post contact information below?


On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 1:11 PM, Michael McKay wrote:

Thank you so much for your response. I just moved from California to Maryland and I […]

New Features At FGBMFI.Net

Older Emails are listed below the newer one. (Read from the Bottom Up!


Thank you Mike!

Actually You inspired me to add a new category called WWW or World Wide Worship when I will announce new Projects and will also announce FGBMFI Websites we have found.

The other is a What’s New Page. […]

Welcome to the Mailbag!

We have been getting a lot of mail (mostly email) at FGBMFI.Net lately.

Some of the answers (from God us or others) are pretty amazing, and people keep telling us to please post these on the website!

So starting today we will be posting in this “Mailbag” category Selected emails we believe is fit for […]