FGBMFI Networking!


Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International ~ Networking!

“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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July 2018
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FGBMFI Networking!

FGBMFI Networking!

It’s been talked about for some time – but NOW is the time!

FGBMFI.NET is now under active development!

In The Beginning… GOD…

It is our goal to provide an index, chapter information, coming events, and secure contact information for every chapter in the world! We hope that will be complete and running by Christmas of 2012!

What is running right now is a World Wide FGBMFI Community Forum. We will supply the FGBMFI National Chapter of any country access to run a Message Forum for their country the way they want it! It is available NOW!

We have also made available domain names for every National Chapter. More of this will be announced in the coming days!

“…you need to build the FGBMFI Net!” ~ Bro. Demos Shakarian

A Little History about FGBMFI.Net!

In a way this site has its roots in a conversation Bro. Demos Shakarian had in a pick-up truck back in the early 1970’s with a teenage, drug seeking, run-away, hitchhiker. Bro. Demos gave that boy a ride down Firestone Blvd. and he told that lad about the Lord and the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.

Bro. Shakarian told that teenage boy that in the future, men young and old would build a “web” across the land like a huge fisherman’s net, “an FGBMFI Net!” As the words rolled out of Demos’ mouth it seemed to please him. He smiled a broad smile and said, “That’s right, an FGBMFI Net to fish for men all over the world!” Three more times Demos said the words “FGBMFI Net!”

Demos told that frighten teenage runaway, “You need to give your heart to God. Then when the time is right, you need to build the FGBMFI Net for the young men of the future. You need to build a new business men’s fellowship global network.” He had seen the globe full of people, around the world praising God. “In the next couple dozen years,” he said, “electronic age communication will change the world in ways I cannot understand.”

“You mean like in Star Trek and talking computers?” the young man asked.

“Why Not? Demos answered, “That and more!”

Their short ride was over. They shook hands, Demos put his hand on the young man’s sholder and prayed. Then they parted company, and never saw each other again.

A year or so later, on Sunday evening, August 13, 1972, that teenage boy, Bro. Lan Tait, life in ruins and no where to live, received the Lord in a little Baptist Church he hadn’t even know existed that morning.

Within a couple months, he was in the US Army. Afraid that he might be killed in Vietnam. God had other plans… a foot injury and a number of other events worked to guide this young man into running 1973 computers. The end of the Vietnam War, the invention of Micro Computers (Desktops or PC’s) and a job with a telephone network company put this young man in contact with many of the people that History books now identify as the developers of the Internet. In small ways, he like many people, contributed to make this new way to communicate a reality.

Another injury forced him into early retirement. A move to his wifes homeland in the Philippines, and her subsequent death, led to his becoming involved in helping others that were less fortunate.

In 1994 the Internet landed in the shores of Negros Island, Philippines. This same man was the first person to send an email from there. By 1997 he was Running an Internet Service Provider and building a “Filipino Network” (fil.net). One day thought about what Brother Demos had said, “…you need to build the FGBMFI Net!”

FGBMFI.Net was available and on 1997-09-28, he registered it…

A few months later, April 1998, unknown to anyone, he was invited to the FGBMFI convention in Manila. There he met at different times, Richard Shakarian and Pat Robertson. Both of these men of God, prayed for this man. At different times and outside the other’s hearing, both of these men of God mentioned FGBMFI Networking in their prayers over this man.

“…when the time is right…”

But it still wasn’t time – the Internet was new and no one had an idea of what to do with it, or how the Internet could be used for God’s glory! More than a Decade would pass! Near 40 years would pass since Bro. Demos first spoke the prophetic words, “FGBMFI Net!”

Yet Bro. Demos has also said one more thing… “…when the time is right…”

(Est 4:14b NIV) “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”

That is the thought Bro. Demos left with a lonely and lost teenage boy near 40 years ago.

Today my brothers, the time is right! May God be Glorified! I was the lost teenage boy!

~ Bro.Lan Tait