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Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International ~ Networking!

“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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August 2018
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Our History...

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Welcome To FGBMFI.Net Working!

Our ministry is to be your servant. We pray your life will be nourished and strengthened by the efforts we are making on the Web here at FGBMFI.Net.

“…you need to build the FGBMFI Net … like a Web…”
~~~ Demos Shakarian to Lan Tait – 1970 ~~~

Our mission is both simple and complex.

Simple Mission…

Our Mission is to provide a working website to…
… every chapter of FGBMFI in the World!

We are building a website where each chapter can easily control their own website and post activities, events and contacts, with no more skills or equipment than it takes to do email!

We will start with a simple index of all chapters contact information.

We are building a safe and effective, discussion forum …
… for ALL On-line FGBMFI members.

To prevent Spam and inappropriate postings, this forum will be by invitation only!

Simply, we want to make it simple, safe and easy for anyone to have communication within FGBMFI!

God’s Calling…

Although it is a simple goal, there is nothing easy about the task at hand – but this is what God has called us to do!

It was about 1970 when Bro. Demos Shakarian told Bro. Lan Tait…

“…you need to build the FGBMFI Net!”

It was in a pickup truck on Firestone Blvd. in a place called Downey, California, USA. Starting on the San Gabriel River Bridge. Bro. Demos spoke of a “Web” used to catch the souls of men and bring them back to the Lord.

Two years later, 1972, Bro. Lan came to know and receive the Lord Bro. Demos knew. Within days Bro. Lan was in the military, and through a strange number of events involving believers in many parts of the world, Bro. Lan came into contact with ARPANET, a network of about 30 government, military and college computers.

A 30 computer Internet! The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), was the world’s first operational packet switching network and the core network of a set that came to compose the global Internet.

Fifteen years later, 1985, partly do to a serious injury, Bro. Lan “retired” from networking and started using his computer skills to spread the gospel. This led to the Philippines where he has served God unpaid for 25 years.

Twenty-Five years later, 1995, after the tragic death of his wife, Bro. Lan helped introduce the Internet, hand wiring with tools he brought from his house the first Internet server and network at CVPC, the Central Visayas Polytechnic College. Bro. Lan was the first person to use this first system to sent a test email. It worked!

Twenty-Six years later, 1996, Bro. Lan hand built his own ISP in a bamboo shack with a nipa grass roof and a 40 foot microwave tower. For a number of years it was both the most successful and most advanced ISP in Nergros Island, Philippines. In terms of sheer numbers this ISP served more customers than all five of his competitors combined.

Twenty-Seven years later, 1997, 25 years after Bro. Lan met Jesus, he registered FGBMFI.Net – still carrying the words of Bro. Demos in his heart.

Twenty-Eight years later, God had inspired Richard Shakarian to speak at the 1998 FGBMFI Convention in Manila about the coming of FGBMFI Networking. At that time, both Richard Shakarian and Pat Roberson prayed for Bro Lan with the laying on of hands!

But still it was not the right time…

Forty Years Later…

Forty years later, Bro. Lan is NOW building the “FGBMFI Net” on the world wide “Web” just as Bro. Demos Shakarian prophesied.

Forty years God prepared Moses to work for him.

Forty years it took to learn what FGBMFI Net should be on the Web!

Complex Task…

FGBMFI.Net has Simple Mission, but it is no easy task, just consider these facts that make this a complex task.

  • Four Million Members (It is not just the men!)
  • Seven Thousand Chapters
  • 7,000 WebServants Too! (One from each Chapter!)
  • One Hundred Sixty Countries
  • …and 160 National Chapters too!)
  • Eighty Languages
  • Advanced Spammers
  • Member Personal Security
  • Satan’s Army
  • Consider the Cost!

We have to think how to secure not just one email address against wrongful use, but 4,000,000!

Just consider there are about 160 National Chapters… Less than 40 have websites at this writing. That will be Our First Goal, to build informational websites for ALL National Chapters. We have Domain Names Reserved for each Country on the Country Codes List of the Internet – ALL 254 of them.

Check It Out! Click on FGBMFI National Websites. Then find your country on the list, or a country you know has FGBMFI, and click on the Link. Did you go to a website with contact information for that country! Yea! Your country’s National Chapter has a website. But if you went to a blue place holder website. It is reserved. (Check the second to the last line, if it says, “This domain name and website are reserved for…” then it is just a reserved place holder, waiting for your country!)

We will build a National Chapter Website for FREE!

So every National Chapter in the World can have at least a basic website with contact information. All they have to do is Ask, and they will receive!

That’s how it is with God’s love,
Once you’ve experienced it,
You spread His love to everyone;
You want to pass it on.

So Please Pass It On!

Tell someone…
Tell a few someones…
If you have a website link to us…
Share your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!