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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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August 2018
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Richard Shakarian ~ President

A Personal Welcome from our Leader and
International President


Richard & Vangie Shakarian

Richard Shakarian FGBMFI International President

Richard Shakarian FGBMFI International President

The original vision for the fellowship was given to Demos Shakarian, who passed the vision on to his son Richard Shakarian, who is the International President of FGBMFI.

Richard Loyd Shakarian was born in October 1934, in the little farming community of Downey, California, near Los Angeles. By the age of 13, Richard started 300 youth clubs across the United States.

Richard is married to Vangie (Evangeline, three years younger than Richard), and they have a lovely grown up family in the USA.

Richard is a man of passion and recognized as a leader amongst men. He has mentored hundreds of leaders around the world. He has inspired men and women to leadership in business and spiritual values. This has sparked a world-wide awakening in which ordinary people are reaching millions in the marketplace for Christ.

Richard & Vangie Shakarian today reside in Irvine, California.

International President Richard Shakarian prayers for you!


  • Below are the messages from Richard Shakarian, FGBMFI International President, which are published on the FGBMFI Network!

20101001 ~ Richard Shakarian Meets The President of Nigeria

  • If the president of a nation suddenly knelled before you, what would you do? Find out what our FGBMFI International President did!

20100611 ~ The Three Callings of FGBMFI

  • When Richard Shakarian assumed leadership of FGBMFI, shortly after Bro. Demos stroke, he knew there was much more for the Fellowship to do. Shortly after Bro. Demos assented to heaven, Richard began Phase Two of FGBMFI. Richard’s vision is now leading us into Phase Three, The Third Calling of FGBMFI!


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