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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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July 2018
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FGBMFI Network is Alive!

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

It is me Bro. Lan, and I am alive and well!  Many of you no doubt have been praying for me and I really thank you for that.  Although weak, I am growing stronger every day.  You can read what happen to me at:

Raised From the Dead – FGBMFI Answer to Prayer

As well as the trouble our network was (past tense!) having at:


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Raised From the Dead - Answer to Prayer

If you read, URGENT FGBMFI PRAYER REQUEST, you know how the forces of darkness had attacked this website.  Many of you added us to your prayer list.  But the devil was not through.  Just after that post, Bro. Lan collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.  Initial blood work showed nothing out of the normal range.

The doctor, a good friend and brother in the Lord, told me (Sis. Percy), “I don’t know why, but Lan is dying.”  A call went out for prayer.  Bro. Lan had undertaken to restore all FGBMFI websites as soon as possible, but was in a state where it was impossible for him to move or think.  Everything, good or bad, was put on hold.  God seemed to be taking Bro. Lan, but no one believed it was his time to die.  Nonetheless, the end was obviously near.  To some in the hospital, Lan was already dead.

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FGBMFI Prayer Requests 2012 08 - August

This page on FGBMFI is intended for you to post your sincere prayer requests, for the month of August 2012.

We at the FGBMFI Network pray daily for every Prayer Request that is listed.

So you can be sure people are praying for you!  Many people have a ministry of prayer and monitor our pray page.


We have an URGENT FGBMFI.Net Prayer Request.

The flags of the nations we serve around the world are displayed to the left, as of this writing (May 21, 2012), there are one hundred twenty nine!

Our records have indicated that in 2012, we have served the needs of 11,961 different people (so far, in the last 5 months) in these 129 countries.  The FGBMFI Network is the largest FGBMFI website in the world by ANY MEASUREMENT!

I and the TuKod Team are called to due this, we are your servants.  We have never required anyone, to pay anything, for any of our services.  Our goal is a website for every FGBMFI chapter in the world!  The only way to do this is to make them FREE, supported by men (and women) who are called of God!


One of our Internet suppliers, who does MOST of our DNS service, is shutting down their DNS service (some of the below listed FGBMFI web sites are now currently offline – hopefully temporally!).  This began implication on May 8, 2012 without warning.  These servers have been supplying over three MILLION websites for the last eight years.  This includes over 10,000 sites we built for missionaries and relatively poor Filipino businessmen, mostly Christians.

We have identified the following 312 FGBMFI domain names that are within this group (some are currently offline), this includes all webpages within each of these domain names (FGBMFI sites).  I and the TuKod Team are working as hard as we can to transfer these to other servers and to restore and test them ~ as soon as possible.

This is a slow and time consuming process to verify each of 10,000 unrelated domains is transfered, working and manually verifying them.  Each site has as many as 12 settings that must be made.  We have suspended all work on new sites until this process (crisis) is over!


I and the TuKod Team have started to pray for the financial means to have our own DNS server.  To replace what is in crisis we would need just US$30 a month!  However, we are asking God for US$100 a month so we can continue expanding our goal of a website for EVERY FGBMFI chapter in the World.  This amount is to only pay for the services we need to serve you!

Just think, there are millions of FGBMFI men in the world, we just need 20 who will donate only $5 to this work!  For those in America, that is really just the cost of a hamburger! Or a little more than a gallon of gas for your car!

There are about 7,000 FGBMFI chapters in the world, if just 100 chapters would donate ONE DOLLAR a month, we could do a much better job.  Not a dollar from each member!  A chapter with 10 members would donate just 10 CENTS each member!  We know that all chapters are not able to donate one dollar.  Some of our FGBMFI men are very poor, and ten cents American a month is more than they can afford!  That is why we make the chapter websites FREE!  We are praying that God will send his servants who want to support this ministry.


We will soon be adding a donation link for those who God is calling to help us with this worldwide FGBMFI effort.  Until then, please pray that we will be able to transfer and restore all of the following domain names…

  1. fgbmfi.biz
  2. fgbmfi.co
  3. fgbmfi.net
  4. au.fgbmfi.net
  5. baltimoremdus.fgbmfi.net
  6. banningcaus.fgbmfi.net
  7. ca.fgbmfi.net
  8. caus.fgbmfi.net
  9. cendanaid.fgbmfi.net
  10. id.fgbmfi.net
  11. kupangid.fgbmfi.net
  12. lancityph.fgbmfi.net
  13. mdus.fgbmfi.net
  14. mnus.fgbmfi.net
  15. muntinlupaph.fgbmfi.net
  16. my.fgbmfi.net
  17. northmplsmnus.fgbmfi.net
  18. nz.fgbmfi.net
  19. olongapoph.fgbmfi.net
  20. pe.fgbmfi.net
  21. perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net
  22. ph.fgbmfi.net
  23. sg.fgbmfi.net
  24. towsonmdus.fgbmfi.net
  25. tw.fgbmfi.net
  26. usa.fgbmfi.biz
  27. w3-en.fgbmfi.net
  28. w3-es.fgbmfi.net
  29. w3-id.fgbmfi.net
  30. AC.fgbmfi.net
  31. AD.fgbmfi.net
  32. AE.fgbmfi.net
  33. AF.fgbmfi.net
  34. AG.fgbmfi.net
  35. AI.fgbmfi.net
  36. AL.fgbmfi.net
  37. AM.fgbmfi.net
  38. AN.fgbmfi.net
  39. AO.fgbmfi.net
  40. AQ.fgbmfi.net
  41. AR.fgbmfi.net
  42. AS.fgbmfi.net
  43. AT.fgbmfi.net
  44. AU.fgbmfi.net
  45. AW.fgbmfi.net
  46. AX.fgbmfi.net
  47. AZ.fgbmfi.net
  48. BA.fgbmfi.net
  49. BB.fgbmfi.net
  50. BD.fgbmfi.net
  51. BE.fgbmfi.net
  52. BF.fgbmfi.net
  53. BG.fgbmfi.net
  54. BH.fgbmfi.net
  55. BI.fgbmfi.net
  56. BJ.fgbmfi.net
  57. BL.fgbmfi.net
  58. BM.fgbmfi.net
  59. BN.fgbmfi.net
  60. BO.fgbmfi.net
  61. BQ.fgbmfi.net
  62. BR.fgbmfi.net
  63. BS.fgbmfi.net
  64. BT.fgbmfi.net
  65. BV.fgbmfi.net
  66. BW.fgbmfi.net
  67. BY.fgbmfi.net
  68. BZ.fgbmfi.net
  69. CA.fgbmfi.net
  70. CC.fgbmfi.net
  71. CD.fgbmfi.net
  72. CF.fgbmfi.net
  73. CG.fgbmfi.net
  74. CH.fgbmfi.net
  75. CI.fgbmfi.net
  76. CK.fgbmfi.net
  77. CL.fgbmfi.net
  78. CM.fgbmfi.net
  79. CN.fgbmfi.net
  80. CO.fgbmfi.net
  81. CR.fgbmfi.net
  82. CU.fgbmfi.net
  83. CV.fgbmfi.net
  84. CW.fgbmfi.net
  85. CX.fgbmfi.net
  86. CY.fgbmfi.net
  87. CZ.fgbmfi.net
  88. DE.fgbmfi.net
  89. DJ.fgbmfi.net
  90. DK.fgbmfi.net
  91. DM.fgbmfi.net
  92. DO.fgbmfi.net
  93. DZ.fgbmfi.net
  94. EC.fgbmfi.net
  95. EE.fgbmfi.net
  96. EG.fgbmfi.net
  97. EH.fgbmfi.net
  98. ER.fgbmfi.net
  99. ES.fgbmfi.net
  100. ET.fgbmfi.net
  101. EU.fgbmfi.net
  102. FI.fgbmfi.net
  103. FJ.fgbmfi.net
  104. FK.fgbmfi.net
  105. FM.fgbmfi.net
  106. FO.fgbmfi.net
  107. FR.fgbmfi.net
  108. GA.fgbmfi.net
  109. GB.fgbmfi.net
  110. GD.fgbmfi.net
  111. GE.fgbmfi.net
  112. GF.fgbmfi.net
  113. GG.fgbmfi.net
  114. GH.fgbmfi.net
  115. GI.fgbmfi.net
  116. GL.fgbmfi.net
  117. GM.fgbmfi.net
  118. GN.fgbmfi.net
  119. GP.fgbmfi.net
  120. GQ.fgbmfi.net
  121. GR.fgbmfi.net
  122. GS.fgbmfi.net
  123. GT.fgbmfi.net
  124. GU.fgbmfi.net
  125. GW.fgbmfi.net
  126. GY.fgbmfi.net
  127. HK.fgbmfi.net
  128. HM.fgbmfi.net
  129. HN.fgbmfi.net
  130. HR.fgbmfi.net
  131. HT.fgbmfi.net
  132. HU.fgbmfi.net
  133. ID.fgbmfi.net
  134. IE.fgbmfi.net
  135. IL.fgbmfi.net
  136. IM.fgbmfi.net
  137. IN.fgbmfi.net
  138. IO.fgbmfi.net
  139. IQ.fgbmfi.net
  140. IR.fgbmfi.net
  141. IS.fgbmfi.net
  142. IT.fgbmfi.net
  143. JE.fgbmfi.net
  144. JM.fgbmfi.net
  145. JO.fgbmfi.net
  146. JP.fgbmfi.net
  147. KE.fgbmfi.net
  148. KG.fgbmfi.net
  149. KH.fgbmfi.net
  150. KI.fgbmfi.net
  151. KM.fgbmfi.net
  152. KN.fgbmfi.net
  153. KP.fgbmfi.net
  154. KR.fgbmfi.net
  155. KW.fgbmfi.net
  156. KY.fgbmfi.net
  157. KZ.fgbmfi.net
  158. LA.fgbmfi.net
  159. LB.fgbmfi.net
  160. LC.fgbmfi.net
  161. LI.fgbmfi.net
  162. LK.fgbmfi.net
  163. LR.fgbmfi.net
  164. LS.fgbmfi.net
  165. LT.fgbmfi.net
  166. LU.fgbmfi.net
  167. LV.fgbmfi.net
  168. LY.fgbmfi.net
  169. MA.fgbmfi.net
  170. MC.fgbmfi.net
  171. MD.fgbmfi.net
  172. ME.fgbmfi.net
  173. MF.fgbmfi.net
  174. MG.fgbmfi.net
  175. MH.fgbmfi.net
  176. MK.fgbmfi.net
  177. ML.fgbmfi.net
  178. MM.fgbmfi.net
  179. MN.fgbmfi.net
  180. MO.fgbmfi.net
  181. MP.fgbmfi.net
  182. MQ.fgbmfi.net
  183. MR.fgbmfi.net
  184. MS.fgbmfi.net
  185. MT.fgbmfi.net
  186. MU.fgbmfi.net
  187. MV.fgbmfi.net
  188. MW.fgbmfi.net
  189. MX.fgbmfi.net
  190. MY.fgbmfi.net
  191. MZ.fgbmfi.net
  192. NA.fgbmfi.net
  193. NC.fgbmfi.net
  194. NE.fgbmfi.net
  195. NF.fgbmfi.net
  196. NG.fgbmfi.net
  197. NI.fgbmfi.net
  198. NL.fgbmfi.net
  199. NO.fgbmfi.net
  200. NP.fgbmfi.net
  201. NR.fgbmfi.net
  202. NU.fgbmfi.net
  203. NZ.fgbmfi.net
  204. OM.fgbmfi.net
  205. PA.fgbmfi.net
  206. PE.fgbmfi.net
  207. PF.fgbmfi.net
  208. PG.fgbmfi.net
  209. PH.fgbmfi.net
  210. PK.fgbmfi.net
  211. PL.fgbmfi.net
  212. PM.fgbmfi.net
  213. PN.fgbmfi.net
  214. PR.fgbmfi.net
  215. PS.fgbmfi.net
  216. PT.fgbmfi.net
  217. PW.fgbmfi.net
  218. PY.fgbmfi.net
  219. QA.fgbmfi.net
  220. RE.fgbmfi.net
  221. RO.fgbmfi.net
  222. RS.fgbmfi.net
  223. RU.fgbmfi.net
  224. RW.fgbmfi.net
  225. SA.fgbmfi.net
  226. SB.fgbmfi.net
  227. SC.fgbmfi.net
  228. SD.fgbmfi.net
  229. SE.fgbmfi.net
  230. SG.fgbmfi.net
  231. SH.fgbmfi.net
  232. SI.fgbmfi.net
  233. SJ.fgbmfi.net
  234. SK.fgbmfi.net
  235. SL.fgbmfi.net
  236. SM.fgbmfi.net
  237. SN.fgbmfi.net
  238. SO.fgbmfi.net
  239. SR.fgbmfi.net
  240. ST.fgbmfi.net
  241. SU.fgbmfi.net
  242. SV.fgbmfi.net
  243. SX.fgbmfi.net
  244. SY.fgbmfi.net
  245. SZ.fgbmfi.net
  246. TC.fgbmfi.net
  247. TD.fgbmfi.net
  248. TF.fgbmfi.net
  249. TG.fgbmfi.net
  250. TH.fgbmfi.net
  251. TJ.fgbmfi.net
  252. TK.fgbmfi.net
  253. TL.fgbmfi.net
  254. TM.fgbmfi.net
  255. TN.fgbmfi.net
  256. TO.fgbmfi.net
  257. TP.fgbmfi.net
  258. TR.fgbmfi.net
  259. TT.fgbmfi.net
  260. TV.fgbmfi.net
  261. TW.fgbmfi.net
  262. TZ.fgbmfi.net
  263. UA.fgbmfi.net
  264. UG.fgbmfi.net
  265. UK.fgbmfi.net
  266. UM.fgbmfi.net
  267. US.fgbmfi.net
  268. UY.fgbmfi.net
  269. UZ.fgbmfi.net
  270. VA.fgbmfi.net
  271. VC.fgbmfi.net
  272. VE.fgbmfi.net
  273. VG.fgbmfi.net
  274. VI.fgbmfi.net
  275. VN.fgbmfi.net
  276. VU.fgbmfi.net
  277. WF.fgbmfi.net
  278. WS.fgbmfi.net
  279. YE.fgbmfi.net
  280. YT.fgbmfi.net
  281. ZA.fgbmfi.net
  282. ZM.fgbmfi.net
  283. ZW.fgbmfi.net
  284. www.fgbmfi.biz
  285. www.fgbmfi.co
  286. www.fgbmfi.net
  287. www.au.fgbmfi.net
  288. www.baltimoremdus.fgbmfi.net
  289. www.banningcaus.fgbmfi.net
  290. www.ca.fgbmfi.net
  291. www.caus.fgbmfi.net
  292. www.cendanaid.fgbmfi.net
  293. www.id.fgbmfi.net
  294. www.kupangid.fgbmfi.net
  295. www.lancityph.fgbmfi.net
  296. www.mdus.fgbmfi.net
  297. www.mnus.fgbmfi.net
  298. www.muntinlupaph.fgbmfi.net
  299. www.my.fgbmfi.net
  300. www.northmplsmnus.fgbmfi.net
  301. www.nz.fgbmfi.net
  302. www.olongapoph.fgbmfi.net
  303. www.pe.fgbmfi.net
  304. www.perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net
  305. www.ph.fgbmfi.net
  306. www.sg.fgbmfi.net
  307. www.towsonmdus.fgbmfi.net
  308. www.tw.fgbmfi.net
  309. www.usa.fgbmfi.biz
  310. www.w3-en.fgbmfi.net
  311. www.w3-es.fgbmfi.net
  312. www.w3-id.fgbmfi.net

 More Domains may be added to this list as we become aware of the need.

Kupang Indonesia Builds A Website!

Greeting fellow FGBMFI Brothers in Christ Jesus!

Great news from Brother Bayu Budiarso in Kupang, Indonesia!  He will be setting up a Chapter website for the Kupang FGBMFI Chapter that he attends there.  Then he plans to help the seven other chapters in his province to build FGBMFI Chapter Websites.  Finally Bro. Bayu will be our PointMan to help teach WebServants throughout Indonesia.  He is a true missionary in the Undiscovered Country (the Internet!)


Praise the Lord My Brother Bayu!

I will start building the www.KupangID.FGBMFI.net site today.  There are a number of steps.


Step 1 ~ If you view your chosen site right now (as I write) you will see a “for sale” sign.  That just means you have reached one of our servers, we do not sell any fgbmfi. domain names at any price.  FGBMFI names are reserved for FGBMFI only.


Step 2 ~ Today I will add the KupangID.FGBMFI.net domain name to our Domain Name Service (DNS), marking it for use.  This can (worst case) take up to 96 hours to reach the farthest points on the globe.  With our high speed connection, we usually see results in 3-12 hours.  At that point you will see Google’s 404 Not Found Page on your site.


Step 3 ~ We will then start building the account.  As with a good building, it takes some time to set a sturdy foundation.  We want Search Engines to pick up the site, and give it a high rank, in this case our target is the three keywords “FGBMFI”, “Kupang” and “Indonesia” (or “ID”).  A Google search for FGBMFI Kupang Indonesia, FGBMFI Kupang ID, Kupang Indonesia FGBMFI, or Kupang ID FGBMFI should all return this site, Your FGBMFI Site, on the first page of results.  These are the most natural ways for people to search for you.

At this point, the site will begin to look like an English FGBMFI site – in the future perhaps you will give us Indonesia pages to pre-load.

Note: We have noticed that a number of our sites are rating in the #1 position even for FGBMFI City (example, FGBMFI Kupang).


Step 4 ~ POSTs

Each site will have site PAGEs and blog POSTs.  The Blog POST are usually event related, for example, people who received the Lord, or members who had babies, or were married, or graduated to heaven.  The majority of your post will be about coming meetings, and events that are less than 3 months away.  We will put only one English welcome as a sample that you may edit or replace.


Step 5 ~ PAGEs

Each site may have up to 20 PAGEs.  PAGEs are things which you do not expect to change very often.  These would be like a list of Officers and Members and contact information for each of the officers (a cell phone?).  Or a more detailed information for a chapter contact page.  Include things like: phone, fax, postal address, prayer request form, and email form (please do not list email addresses on your pages – spammers will grab these! – I will teach you how to make a contact form).

You may want to have a major Event PAGE.  To list Regional, National and International Conventions, Summits and Air Lifts.  These are usually known for more than 2-3 months in advance.

Most of the rest of the pages will be about FGBMFI (we provide 10 PAGEs in English for samples – if you provide the pages in Indonesia, we will pre-load these in future sites).  The other 10 PAGEs can be used, or not, as the chapter needs.  PAGEs should be meaningful.

You can change the side link PAGE titles (names) while editing the PAGEs.  We request you do not change the PAGE URL’s for the OFFICER and CONTACT pages.  You can change what is shown to people on the link without changing the URL.  We are now using a program to link to all officer and contact pages, so if you change the URL your chapter will not be listed!


Step  6 ~ TOP Link Names are a little more difficult to change, but still very easy.  We request you maintain a link to the Indonesia National Chapter Website and a Link to FGBMFI.Net – this will help with YOUR websites placement on Google, Bing and others.  We will help you learn how to change these into your own language.


Step 7 ~ Learning your job!  Private Instructions, Publicly Available!  On my private I have a Category called BlogSpot:


These post are about using the BlogSpot interface, and most are examples directly from FGBMFI email.  I am sure they will be helpful to you.


Step 8 ~ The “last” step:  Our new standard practice is to ADD you as an Admin user, allowing you to make ALL changes.  Our account will stay on as an alternate Admin, to be able to help you.  At anytime, you can remove our account.  Basically when you feel you do not need our assistance any longer.  If needed, you can add us back at a future date.  Most of the American sites just leave our account.  However, that is completely up to the chapter.  I am not sure of the value of leaving the account when it comes to chapters in Japan, Indonesia and Peru!


Step 9 ~ PointMen and WebServants: Each Chapter should have a WebServant, either appointed by the officers, or elected by the members.  Often the WebServant is actually one of the officers themselves, but that is not a requirement.  They are in charge of maintaining their own chapter’s website. We believe they should do this at least weekly.  (Example, posting the next meeting announcements and who the main speaker will be.)  However, we need some members to go beyond WebServant and become PointMen!

We are currently setting up PointMen“!  PointMen are first WebServants.  We want one or more in every Nation and State in the USA.  Also for each language within a Nation with more than one language.  The PointMen well be sort of a WebServant’s WebServant.

The PointMen will help other chapters set up there website in the same way they set up theirs.  The PointMen are the Shepard/Teachers of the Internet Ministry!  The Apostles of the Undiscovered Country (the Internet or Cyber Space!)

We plan to set up a page of PointMen around the world, so that chapters can know who to contact locally, and in their own language, to receive help.  We plan to have a PointMen and WebServants mailing list to give encouragement to the men doing this very important work.

As of December 31, 2011, 32.7% of the World’s population are logging into the Internet.  This number grows larger every day.  Cyber Space is the Undiscovered Country for missionary work.  We are happy, to be your partner, in bringing the Gospel to that Undiscovered Country!

I will be in touch!




On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 11:20 PM, FGBMFI-NTT <<snip>@gmail.com> wrote:

Shalom brother Lan
Thank you for your very detailed explanation.
Yes, fgbmen.wordpress.com also not my favorite domain name. I am very interested in domain names that you propose, for the start, if possible, I want to use kupangid.fgbmfi.net for the chapter where I come from. After that, I will inform to my friends from other chapters to do the same, if necessary, I can help them to start and train them to add their own content.
Looking forward to hear from you, about how to manage kupangid.fgbmfi.net
God Bless you, brother Lan
PS: I will complete the phone/fax number, email or how to visit the chapter and other informations later on KupangID.fgbmfi.net domain.

Set Up an FGBMFI Chapter Website!

Hello Brother Leslie,

If it is for an FGBMFI Chapter, the price was paid on the cross!

We do this every day for no money at allwe pay so you will be a blessing to others. Continue reading Set Up an FGBMFI Chapter Website!

Why Your FGBMFI Chapter Needs a FREE Website?

I think the answer to that question is obvious.  Yet, the majority of FGBMFI Chapters in any country does not have a website.  So here are some really good reasons for having an FGBMFI Chapter Website.

Where Are You?

  1. Minnesota
  2. Siquijor
  3. Iligan
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. United Arab Emirates
  6. Kenya
  7. Thailand

What do these seven nations have in common besides that they are spread out all over the world?  Well, someone in that nation asked me in the last 24 hours to help me locate an FGBMFI Chapter there!  They want to meet with FGBMFI for fellowship.

We are the largest FGBMFI website on the Internet and so daily people ask us to help them find YOU!

We will build you a quality FGBMFI Chapter Website for FREE!  It takes no more skill than you are using reading this post or sending an email!

Share The Gospel With Me?

I received and email asking “Would you share the gospel with me if I sent you an airplane ticket?”  He said he wanted to have an FGBMFI chapter started in his location, but he did not tell me where he was in the world!  Since I pour about everything I have in this ministry, it is not unusual for someone to help with a ticket or a hotel.  So I wrote back and asked where he was, and told him that maybe there were people near him who could help him start a chapter.

When he wrote back, he seemed puzzled why I made that suggestion.  He wanted to have explained to him the Six Steps to Salvation! Praise the Lord, what he really wanted was to meet the Lord.  He wanted me to share the gospel with him, not With him!

Does your FGBMFI Chapter website help people come to know the Lord?  Not if you do not have one!  We will help you build one that won’t cost you any money at all!

Sending People to Hell

I have led a number of people to the Lord via email.  Others make a decision and then write to say they followed our online instructions in the Six Steps to Salvation.  Most of these people say they have looked on the Internet for an FGBMFI chapter near them, but they could find none.  Are you Near Them?  Are they wanting you to share the gospel with them?

Remember, we build FGBMFI Chapter Websites For FREE!

I Just Moved! I miss the Fellowship!

I receive these kinds of emails all the time.  Someone on the opposite side of the world moved into the house right next door to YOU!  Or down the block, or even on the opposite side of town.  Anyway, they were very active in FGBMFI before they moved across country, and they really miss, and even need the Fellowship.  All they want is to know where to show up, and they will gladly join your chapter!

Sadly, they have search the Internet for hours and hours and all they found was me.  I happen to be on the exact opposite of the Earth.  Twelve Time Zones away from both of you because you live a block apart and work in the same building.  In fact, if you knew him, you would car pool to work and save some money!  But he can’t find your chapter because you have no FREE FGBMFI Chapter Website.  Did I forget to mention it is FREE!

Now I have been doing this Internet thing for 40 years!  Believe me, I have worked on the Internet since the day it was invented – I was there!  So I really do know what I am talking about, and Your FGBMFI Chapter NEEDS a Website!  We will give you a Website for FREE, and get you started on easy steps to add your Chapter Information.  No harder than Email!

Just Visiting!

As a business man, I sometimes needed to travel on Business.  My friend has family scattered all over the world.  People like to go on vacation.  Does any of that sound normal to you?  Well one of the things I loved doing was to stop and visit another FGBMFI Chapter!  Hey, they are always looking for people to speak!

Often I would not only speak at the Chapter, but one of the member would “adopt” be for my short stay.  I would have wonderful fellowship with their family, in their home, and sometimes with their Church or Home fellowship.  Not to mention home cooked meals too!

No Message For You!

God may have inspired me to go to your town during your next meeting, to encourage the FGBMFI brothers there… But without a Website, I would just ignore that prompting.  Why?  Because I cannot find you! Who knows, maybe someone in you Chapter needs to hear how God protected me during an airplane crash!  Or how God healed me by a miracle after a serious fall in the mountains of California.  A miracle so sure that even my atheistic doctor could not deny it!  All he could says was, “You obviously don’t need my services any longer!”

Your chapter would miss out on hearing how I was nearly blind, being led everywhere I went.  The doctors said there was nothing I could do.  How I was out visiting an FGBMFI chapter in a distant city when God spoke to one of the Brothers there. – That regardless of what was said before, I was not supposed to be blind!  So he stopped the meeting and everyone prayed.  I had worn glasses since my youth, but because of that Divine Appointment, I no longer need them!

Your chapter, my brother, may be missing plenty, not just from me but from thousands of men in chapters all over the world.  Why?  Because your chapter does not have a FREE Chapter Website!

Paid In Full!

It is not cheap to do this, but it is FREE!  You do not have to pay anything – the price was paid on the Cross!  We are your servants.  We want to help your FGBMFI Chapter!

Take a look at the Olongapo Chapter we are now building!  Where is your chapter Website?

We Believe!

We believe that being on the Internet is the most important thing an FGBMFI Chapter can do – until it is done.

Just Contact us and we will help you and your Chapter!



General Santos Philippines

We are now aware of a website for General Santos City, Philippines which is located at:



Naming Your FGBMFI Website!

The Following was in reply to an Email.  We felt it was valuable enough to share it here!


Greetings in the Name of our Lord!

Thank you my Brother for writing us. We now are working on a new design, you can see it at:


This is a blogger design and we hope to make a cookie cutter site like the old one we built at:


Lan City is a fake place (I am Lan)! However, Olongapo, Philippines is a real place and this is a real chapter website under construction. Olongapo currently hosts the Philippine National Chapter President. We have two National Chapter Sites under construction, the Philippines and Peru. Coming soon…



The naming structure, that was agreed upon, is as such:

National Chapters:

Non-USA Chapters:

USA Chapters:

Ladies of the Fellowship Chapters:

<anything> is chosen by the Chapter to represent them.
xx is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 – Two-Letter Country Code
ss is the FIPS PUB 5-2 – FIPS State Alpha Code
L just before the country code is for the Ladies Fellowship

MN = Mongolia

The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 “MN” is reserved for Mongolia


NorthMplsMN.FGBMFI.net is reserved for a “NorthMpls” FGBMFI Chapter in Mongolia.

MNus = Minnesota, USA

All chapters in Minnesota, USA will have the format:


Such as:


Which is what I am thinking you are looking for?

WWW and Case

All domains are case insensitive and are, in fact, converted to lower case before routing…

  • northmplsmnus.fgbmfi.net
  • NorthMplsMNus.FGBMFI.net
  • nORTHmPLSmnUS.fgbmfi.NET

Can be used interchangeably (use on business cards and letterhead as desired!).

We establish all accounts to work with or without the “www.” These can be used interchangeably (use on business cards and letterhead as desired!).

  • NorthMplsMNus.FGBMFI.net
  • www.NorthMplsMNus.FGBMFI.net


We generally recommend the Google Mail Server in which case the DOMAIN NAME is case insensitive. The domain name is on the right side of the @ symbol. Google allows optional periods (.) within the USERNAME (left of the @ symbol). Therefore all the email addresses below (on the Google system) would be equal, and work the same. (Again, use on business cards and letterhead as desired!).



Frankly, we have put together the best FREE services in the world so that every chapter can have a website without cost. The reason we do this is to help others contact you so that you share the gospel with them! (Or WITH them!)

We are working on easy set ups. With better instructions.


We can set up a basic site…

Currently, we can set up a basic site, which you can then change the photos and wordings on. The two sites at the top of this email are both hosted on Google http://www.blogger.com/.

Or you can set up your own site!

The domain name is completely flexible so you can set it to be use on any hosting in the world, for any chapter with greater needs and a budget to go with it!

To Start With…

I have set up:

  • NorthMplsMNus.FGBMFI.net

To point to Blogger Hosting.

Love, Patience and Understanding

Like most things at FGBMFI – this ministry was commissioned by God and no one gets paid. We try our best to respond to every email or posting withing One WEEK! The Team currently includes six people, four of them are students from age 10-19. We are blessed with the 19 year old who is a second year college student studying Internet Technology! Two of them are busy Internet business people.

The point being we cannot answer questions within 3 minutes! However, after the initial set up (I would plan on that taking a between 2 weeks and a month). Then ALL the changes are made at the local chapter level and can be updated as often as you like!

We Do Answer All Questions!


Do you want us to set up a basic website?

I will try to check email for your reply tomorrow, and set this up if you do.

Thank you Brother for writing, we appreciate the chance to serve you.

Serving the Lord Together,

PS Will you be the WebServant for this Chapter?


Beautiful FGBMFI Websites At Blogger.Com

We want our Chapters to all have beautiful Business Men like websites.  The below was posted in response to a brother from General Santos, Philippines.  However, it applies to all FGBMFI Chapters building their own websites.

The original comment is at the bottom of this post:

FREE! Get An FGBMFI Chapter Website!


Hello my Brother Win!

Greetings from the Queen City of the South!

I love you Brothers down in Gen San (that is General Santos City for those outside the Philippines!) I took a look at your Website, would you mind if I made a few suggestions?


First I would suggest you change your Domain Name:
You can get this FREE on the same account you have. So that no one gets lost, just forward your traffic from…

We would be glad to teach you how!


I will be glad to show you how to use this FGBMFI Domain Name for chapter email also… Just picture it…


You cannot use something@fgbmfigensan.blogspot.com in your email address! They do not allow it!


I would also suggest you Add some Pages (static pages, not blog posts). Take a look at this demo site:

Forget the colors for a minute and just look at the layout. At the top click on the Officers page, or CLICK HERE!

You need a page like this that you update once a year with your officers list and contacts. Now take a look at:

  • Mission
  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • History
  • Doctrine

And don’t forget…

  • FGBMFI (give us a front page link back to FGBMFI.Net and we will link you into the world!)
  • Officers
  • Contacts
  • Links
  • Events

These pages do not change a lot, but they are important for your site.


Your Favicon (Favorite Icon) is a big Orange “B” for Blogger! Now look at Lan City (also a blogger site). It has the FGBMFI LOGO for a Favicon. I can help you do this with your site.

Big Blue Blogger Bar

Take a look at you site page now… Your theme has the Big Blue Blogger Bar “B4!” “B4″ you see anything else, you see the B4 or 4 B’s! The Big Blue Blogger Bar (hey – sometimes it is Orange!). It is at the top with the big Orange “B” promoting blogger.

Let’s do our best for our Lord Jesus the Christ…

Take a look at a site I just started work on for Olongapo!


Wow! No ugly Big Blue Blogger Bar!

As I said, I just started this, but picture if those were photos of your city and your chapter! I’ll soon be adding the page links to that top white bar!

Based on the same thing you are using, you could have…

  • http://www.GenSanPH.FGBMFI.net for your website ~ FREE!
  • (anything)@GenSanPH.FGBMFI.net ~ FREE!
  • FGBMFI Logo for your Favicon ~ FREE!
  • Static Pages for Officers, Contacts, Events and Links – ALL FREE!
  • A Beautiful Professional FGBMFI Layout any Business would like – FREE!
  • NO Big Blue Blogger Bar! ~ FREE!

No more cheap and ugly B4 Blogger Blog!

This can be your Gen San Chapter Website, the cost is the same! Free! If you would like my help, let me know!

Let’s serve the Lord, Together, with Gladness! Let’s make an FGBMFI Chapter Website for EVERY chapter in the Philippines!