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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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August 2018
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FGBMFI Davao City, Philippines

Anyone looking for FGBMFI Davao City, Philippines should check out this link (there is some good inspiration there too!


Maryland, USA

Let’s Help Mike!

He needs an FGBMFI Chapter in…

Maryland, USA

If you know of a chapter in Maryland, USA
would you please post contact information below?


On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 1:11 PM, Michael McKay wrote:

Thank you so much for your response. I just moved from California to Maryland and I feel like a fish out of water, being unable to fellowship.

This is an unbelievable resource! I can’t believe that so few have taken advantage. I’m going to make this my personal crusade beginning with my former chapter. Lets see how many fires we can build under these guys.

God bless and I’ll stay in touch.


New Features At FGBMFI.Net

Older Emails are listed below the newer one. (Read from the Bottom Up!


Thank you Mike!

Actually You inspired me to add a new category called WWW or World Wide Worship when I will announce new Projects and will also announce FGBMFI Websites we have found.

The other is a What’s New Page.

Here I will list all the current projects we are working on.  As well as all the additional FGBMFI Sites we have found that are in cue to be added to the FGBMFI Links System.

A Website For Every Chapter

Our goal is a website for every chapter.

Daily, I receive an email asking for FGBMFI contacts at some location in the world.  I have currently more than a dozen requests.  I usually do my best to find a Chapter Nearby, sometimes that is states away, sometimes it is in a nearby country.

It Is Free, But It Is Not Cheap

We have designed a system to make “Free” Websites for ALL FGBMFI Chapters in the World.  Just imagine if EVERY FGBMFI Chapter in Maryland had a website with just the chapter name, City and State, and a list of Officers and Phone Numbers.  Google “FGBMFI Lan City Philippines” (or click it!) and you will see that finding the chapter website is easy… And this is a FAKE chapter! (Surprise, I do not have a city named after me!)

I have been working on this for 4 decades, I gathered the best free services and added some paid services – paid by me because of what Christ Jesus did for me!  It is not cheap, but it cost the chapters nothing!

Just being Noticed!

If you can imagine, I have worked on the Internet for 40 years!  (Back to when I helped invent it!) I have worked on FGBMFI.Net for 15 years.  Just this year, people started noticing it!

So please, if you have any contact with Any Chapter Any Where in the World.  I will help them build a website and give them a domain name and even show them how to build custom email address with their FGBMFI domain name and it is ALL FREE!

Calling All WebServants

All I need is a WebServant from each chapter.  What is a WebServant?  Well, they should love the Lord!  They should know how to pray!  They should be a part of an FGBMFI Chapter where they know what is going on.  They should know how to send email with a service like gmail or yahoo.  They should have a small amount of time to donate to serving the Lord by posting information about their chapter (much like writing Emails!).

Better and Easier Tools!

I am always building better and easier tools to help chapters all around the world…

Many Blessings, hope you find our brothers in Maryland!



While I was writing this I had some inspiration to add another Category


This Email will likely be my first post!

On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 1:11 PM, Michael McKay  wrote:

Thank you so much for your response. I just moved from California to Maryland and I feel like a fish out of water, being unable to fellowship.
This is an unbelievable resource! I can’t believe that so few have taken advantage. I’m going to make this my personal crusade beginning with my former chapter. Lets see how many fires we can build under these guys.
God bless and I’ll stay in touch.


On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 12:59 AM, FGBMFI.Net wrote:

Dear Bro Michael,

This is a volunteer site, in other words all the information is donated.  There is no official registry of FGBMFI websites.

We do have a list, sadly it is sorely lacking at this time.  If you come across anyone who has a site, or who would like to have a site for their chapter, let us know, we will list them or we will build them a site!

The (Tiny) USA List is at:


Yours in Christ,



On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 7:07 AM, Michael McKay  wrote:

Michael McKay

TO: I have a Suggestion!
Monday, March 12, 2012, 7:07 pm [EST]

I’ve been looking for a listing of chapters by state.I apologize if I missed it but shouldn’t there be one posted?


Welcome to WWW (World Wide Worship!)

World Wide Worship!

We have a number of ongoing projects… Websites for National and Local Chapters from the Philippines to Peru to chapters in the USA.

We have projects like building an invitation only program for an FGBMFI Interactive Community!

We find new FGBMFI websites on the Internet often also.

Therefore we have added two new features…

What’s New At FGBMFI?

What’s New?

Here we will have a list of on going projects, as well as links to new FGBMFI Chapters that are not yet in our FGBMFI Links System.

You can find the link on our main menu – just about the middle of the page at the bottom of the header.

World Wide Worship


We call it WWW or World Wide Worship! Frankly it is where new projects will be announced, new links will be listed first and basically we will try to post something if it is about FGBMFI and it is on the Internet!

You can find the categories on the upper part of the page on the right. WWW is about top center!

Email to Good to Ignore!


We added another Category we call Mailbag. Mailbag is where you can read some Selected Email we thought may be helpful for more people – or may be a Frequently Asked Question…

Many Blessings

We hope you enjoy the new features. Be sure to tell us about any FGBMFI Chapter who needs a free Website!

Likewise, tell us about any FGBMFI Website that needs to be added to our Link System.

Welcome to the Mailbag!

We have been getting a lot of mail (mostly email) at FGBMFI.Net lately.

Some of the answers (from God us or others) are pretty amazing, and people keep telling us to please post these on the website!

So starting today we will be posting in this “Mailbag” category Selected emails we believe is fit for the 120 countries who are regularly visiting FGBMFI Networking!

Welcome to the Mailbag

FGBMFI FREE Chapter Website ~ How To Part 3

In Part 2 we set up the site on Blogger.com.  If you remember it is at PercTown-L-Ph.blogspot.com .  Now we will put the site at:


Because this is for the Ladies of the Fellowship.  For the FGBMFI men it would be:




To get a better rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) we also want to make sure that all pages use the www!  In other words, if someone does not use the www we will automatically redirect them to the www page.


If you are logged into your gmail account, just go to blogger.com and it will automatically log you in!  Or go to blogger.com and log in, either way.

Once you are logged in you will be given a list of blogs (some people will have a list of only one site!).  Click on the title of your blog, I clicked PercTown Philippines FGBMFI Ladies.


On the left is a navigation bar, at the bottom it says “Settings” next to a wrench (I am looking at the new white blogger interface).

  • Click on Settings.

Publishing => Blog Address => + Add a custom domain Point your own registered domain to your blog.

  • Click on Add a custom domain

Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings

  • Click on Switch to advanced settings

Advanced settings => http://

  • Type your domain name in the box… http:// I typed…
  • www.perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net
  • Click Save


Publishing => Blog Address => www.perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net => Edit

  • Click Edit


Right under where you last put www.perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net it says redirect…  Mine says…

Redirect perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net to www.perctown-l-ph.fgbmfi.net.

  • Click the Check Box


  • Click Save


At the top of your screen…

  • Click View Blog


You should now be able to view you blog on the right FGBMFI address.  IF you cannot, it may take 24 hours for the settings to be seen world wide…

If after one day this does not work, contact us for advice.

That’s It, you now have a working FGBMFI.Net website.  Next we will start adding your content and we will look at a better styling.


FGBMFI FREE Chapter Website ~ How To Part 2

In FGBMFI FREE Chapter Website ~ How To Part 1, we got a custom domain name, perctown-ph.fgbmfi.net. Perctown, if you recall, was our city. Likewise ph stands for the country of the Philippines. One more thing I will add is because I am making a website for the Ladies of the Fellowship, I will add an “l-” before the ph. So my final domain is…


This address is unique in all the world.

This can be with or without capital letters and with or without the www. For example…

www.PercTown-L-Ph.FGBMFI.net is correct!
pErCtOwn-l-pH.fGbMfi.nEt is also correct!

Continue reading Chapter Website Part 2

FGBMFI FREE Chapter Website ~ How To Part 1

Part 1 ~ We are now going to begin to outline How To build a FREE FGBMFI Chapter Website. This is Part One because I am expecting there to be a number of part so we can cover this in detail. Most people realize there are many complicated and technical aspects to publishing on the Internet. This is true, there are Internet Protocol Address, Domain Name Servers, Hosting Companies, Routing Configurations and many many more highly technical aspects to posting a website on the Internet… Fortunately, there is also an easy way!

Plenty of instructions on the Internet, for example at Lan Net Work or the Money Making Entrepreneur. However, our site is specifically about how to build a website for an FGBMFI Chapter. Continue reading Chapter Website Part 1

Xmas History - Christmas Traditions

It’s that time of year again! I’ve noticed that men in red suits are loitering in malls, either asking for money or handing out fliers hoping you will deposit your holiday money with them. In the Philippines, business are required to give a 13th month pay at this time, yes, an extra full months wages (likely to make up for the starvation wages paid the rest of the year!). This fact has not gone unnoticed by retailers!

Continue reading Merry Xmas History

Australia Place Holders

The following sites are from a chapter list I have for Chapters in Australia. I hope that in the coming months we can build an actual FGBMFI Chapter Website for each of these FGBMFI Chapters. However, until then, I will make place holders for these chapters, in order to continue developing software for FGBMFI Chapters Worldwide.

When each of these chapters has a real chapter website, the Place Holder will be amended to point directly to that website. Likewise, we will publish actual information that is provided for us on any chapter place holder we have. So go ahead and click on these place holders!

You may also check the Australia National Chapter website. Continue reading Australia Place Holders