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“Men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” ~ Revelation 5:9b
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June 2018
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Australia Chapters, Where Are You?

Brother Demos Shakarian Prophesied over me 40 years ago. I am slow, it took me till now to understand what the Holy Spirit said through him.

He told me I needed to build an FGBMFI Net, like a Web, to catch the souls of men. After that date, I received the Lord, helped build the Internet, and to make a long story short, I finally understand what I should do…


I am the web-servant of the Lord! I am your servant!

I have a simple job, make an online presence for every chapter of FGBMFI in the World! Now some people say that is 6,000, others say 7,000 or 9,000 chapters. It really doesn’t matter, I started out with the idea for enough room for 65,000 Chapters!

Online presence means a webpage!

I had to start somewhere. Continue reading Australia Chapters, Where Are You?

Religiosity ~ Christian

In this, my first installment about Religiosity, I tackle the topic of being a Christian.  Have you ever considered that being a Christian may be against what most Christians say they believe!  Now do non-Christians feel about Christian Religiosity?

I noticed a long time ago that most people are very interested in God, how to live a Christian good life, be blessed with quality health and have a Spiritually blessed eternity based on the Word of God!  Now maybe this doesn’t sound right to you. Maybe people have told you they don’t like how you are “preaching” at people all the time. Perhaps, in your zeal to share the gospel, people have made subtle statements like these:

  • You’re welcome to come, if you can leave religion / Christianity at home!
  • I don’t want to be a Christian.
  • I am not interested in your crazy, weird, psycho-babble Christian cult.

Believe it or not, the last statement was used to describe a rather conservative Baptist!
Continue reading Religiosity ~ Christian

Spiritual Fruit - Spiritual Mind

Today I was thinking about the Fruit of the Spirit, true Spiritual Fruit according to the scriptures.

There is one fruit, but many parts.

I started thinking about what I know about fruit.  I love chicos, my wife loves mangoes.  When we get rambutans (saying Rambo + Tan is close enough!), we both have fun pealing their prickly skins.  If these fruits are not familiar to you, just  consider that you do not live in the Philippines!

To make my fruit analogy better understood all over the world, I will use an apple, perhaps the best known fruit there is. Continue reading Spiritual Fruit – Spiritual Mind

Security Apology!

We, again, have been attacked by the forces of the evil one. As some of you may have noticed, the links page was listed as “Forbidden!” Well, in the last couple days, we have been adding security features!  This is making FGBMFI.Net more secure from the Prince of evil and his players.


Continue reading Security Apology!

Publish Your FGBMFI Events

At the top-right corner of every FGBMFI Networking Page is an active link to EVENTS. This link will give you a listing of all FGBMFI National and International Events in our database, from the oldest at the bottom to the newest at the top.

To add a post, just send us your information.  You can just Click Here if you do not have our email address, and a form will be provided for you.

Be sure to give us as complete information as you can provide.  Continue reading Publish Your FGBMFI Events

Oops! The Links Plugin is Now Fixed!

The FGBMFI Links plug in, that automatically allows you to put links onto your website, is working again.  If you want to see it in action, take a look at the FGBMFI Lan City Philippines ~ Contact Us page!

Actually, I do not think most people even noticed the error.  It only showed up while clicking one of the four links that switched to a different view (either the US State View or the Worldwide View).  That was just a very minor coding error, that we should have caught while testing.  But was skipped in the test sequence.  (Thanks Sis. Percy for pointing this out to us!)

This minor error really only cause a problem with the bottom three links, that switch to the US State View and the World Wide View.  Likewise that link to the USA State View near the top was also failing.

When clicking any of these four links it would return a 404 page error, File Not Found!

The good news is… The way the system is set up, we just needed to make the change and upload it to our server.  The next time anyone used the page on Your website, it was automatically fixed!  Praise the Lord, that is pretty cool!

You may notice that we also added about a dozen new links.  When one of you sends us a Link we take a number of steps.  First, we verify the link.  That is we go and view the website.  We also verify what language it is in for the translator.  At that point we manually add it to the master list, this is just a spread sheet from which we build the language packs.

Continue reading Oops! The Links Plugin is Now Fixed!

FGBMFI In the Living Room

Yesterday I heard a remark from a godly brother. I have no doubt that God is moving in his life. Nonetheless, it was a disparaging remark about FGBMFI. I will not gossip about him, nor repeat most of what he said. However, in the middle of what this brother was saying, was a gem of a quote! I wanted to share that with you…

The Laptop Miracle

“Richard Shakarian runs FGBMFI from his living room on a laptop!”

Ok, I agree, I did not believe it either. As of this writing we currently have about forty National Chapter websites listed on our links page, and a growing number of local chapters (we are adding new chapters almost daily!). To consider that any one person with a laptop could run this whole Fellowship from their living room is almost funny … if not miraculous!

To be sure, FGBMFI is miraculous! Even if you were to believe this statement (which I really do not), you should be giving glory to God for the Miracles this would require! Just to think about it is mind boggling! God is using Bro. Richard in such amazing and different ways that some people cannot understand. Just like some were opposed to his father, Bro. Demos. In fact, consider that each and every leader who really walks with God in faith, and deed, is put to the test with people who are thinking he is doing wrong.

Consider Moses! He walked with God, but oh the grumbling and complaining people did!
Continue reading FGBMFI In the Living Room

The Lan City Story

Welcome to Lan City, Philippines!

No matter where you are in the world, if you are in FGBMFI this website is for you!

If you want to see, just click FGBMFI Lan City Philippines and check out who our FGBMFI Chapter Officers and Members are. I am pretty sure you will know some of them, if you think about it!

The purpose of this FGBMFI Lan City Philippines website is to teach you how to make a FREE FGBMFI Chapter Website! That is right, FREE! All it takes is your willingness to make it. It is not even that complex of a task. If you can send and receive email, it is likely you can make a website like this one for your chapter. At Least You Can With Our Instructions!

Continue reading The Lan City Story

Shakarian Family (FGBMFI) History

Some people do not know that the Shakarian Family History and the FGBMFI History are meshed so closely it is impossible to separate.

FGBMFI Networking has just added the History of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.

You can find it on our ABOUT FGBMFI link in the main menu, of simply go directly to the first part…

A Prophesy Fulfilled

Here you can read about the Prophesy, Miracle, Prayer, Healing and Revival that God has done through the faithful men of the Fellowship.  We hope you enjoy this condensed version.

Feel free to add in the comments below what you remember of the EARLY DAYS of FGBMFI!

Linking To FGBMFI.Net

Today in the Post God Does Miracles in Denmark and Pennsylvania we told of the amazing things God is doing at FGBMFI.Net. We also unveiled a new link you can add to your website… so here is what to do… Continue reading Linking To FGBMFI.Net