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August 2018
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FGBMFI Prayer Requests

List your prayer request, and we at the FGBMFI Network will begin praying for you daily.

FGBMFI Prayer Request Schedule

When you list a FGBMFI Prayer Request, we pray for it daily for the rest of the month and for the first fifteen days of the following month.  This takes time and dedication, but we believe praying for people is one of the best things we can do.


  • Say you list a prayer request on December 1st.  We will pray for you every day until January 15th.
  • Say you list a prayer request on December 31st.  We will pray for you every day until January 15th.

In other words, every prayer request gets prayed for daily for at least 15 days, and some get prayed for for 45 days.

If it is on going, feel free to list the same prayer request each month and we will pray for that request daily until you get God’s answer!

FGBMFI Prayer Request Guidelines

Please Note:  NO ONE NEEDS MONEY! 

If you believe you need money, please look for the real reason, what would you spend the money for?

  • For example: “I need a place for me and my children to stay, as I do not have enough for the rent at this time.”
  • Not:  “I need money for my kids.”
  • If it is a ministry project, consider this: “Please pray for an FGBMFI Gospel Radio Station Transmitter for Dumaguete City, Philippines (we estimate a need  of about $20,000 more to have it on line).”
  • Not: “Donate money to our half million dollar radio station project!”
  • Do not expect anyone here to donate anything to you at all.
  • We will PRAY for you, and God will work His will in your life.

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FNN – FGBMFI Network News

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